Ok, it’s only been ten years since Raimi brought the web-slinger to the big screen and only five years since his final film in the trilogy and we’ve already gotten a sort of reboot with Marc Webb‘s version with a slight title change with a new cast in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

This movie takes us a deeper into Peter Parker’s past and briefly introduces us to his parents. There was something mysterious going on there that forced his parents to leave him with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Then we quickly fast forward and see a 17-year old Parker who doesn’t really fit in at school, he’s a little nerdy and gets picked on. This is where things begin to kind of remind me of what I had seen before, just a little.

Peter meets up with Dr. Curt Connors who worked with his dad a long time ago at Oscorp. Things happen, Connors gets his lizard on and the two battle it out in the end with amazing action scenes and special effects that surpass the earlier Spidey movies.  The 3D is really cool with the webs!

So, I think Marc Webb did an outstanding job with The Amazing Spider-Man and the cast were all great, especially Andrew Garfield who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I really liked the chemistry between Garfield and Emma Stone who plays Gwen Stacey. Rhys Ifans plays Connors/The Lizard and to me does a great job even though this character completely reminds me of Dr. Otto Octavius from Spiderman 2. Both are good men who take their experiments a little too far, to the point that what happens to them kind of interferes with their sanity. There are several other moments in the movie that will also remind you a little of key scenes you’ve seen previously but they do serve a point and aren’t meant to be copies because they have their own meaning  and importance in this story.

The first part of the movie deals with Peter Parker and his growing pains and all of the character introductions. It takes a really long time before we see him put on the suit but once he does it’s full on action that is nonstop and really fun to watch!  When I say action, it’s to the next level! It was so much fun watching Spidey swing through the sky and to watch his “home made” web shooters was so cool. Garfield nailed it with the New York attitude that really surpassed the character in the first trilogy. Parker is wise-cracking and a real smart ass at times. The final battle with The Lizard was so much fun to watch. Action, action and more action, with some surprises for the fans! That’s all I’ll say.

Bottom line is, The Amazing Spider-Man is a really fun movie with the only flaw being I think it was a little early to reboot the franchise. Why not just keep telling the story and bring in a new villain with new actors?  Like they do with James Bond! Go watch the movie and try not to think about the others you’ve already seen!  oh and people, be sure to sit through the end credits! Y’all get up and walk out way too early sometimes!

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Run Time: 136 Minutes

Rated: PG-13



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