SOMEBODY’S DARLING was written and directed by Sharad Kant Patel and stars Paul Galvan, Jessa Settle, Fred Parker Jr., Cathy Baron, Kristen Tucker and Brandon Hearnsberger.

A brooding mysterious fraternity president becomes obsessed with a coed despite having it all in his privileged existence.  What begins as a hopeful romance twists into obsession, and he risks his social standing in his pursuit of her heart. It seems that a positive change of character might bloom as he drifts away from the misogynistic, hedonist ways of his frat brothers. But a dark secret seems to cloak it all, and glimpses of truth surface in his surreal visions and dreams. Huge and horrible revelations mark the violent finale of this retro-styled, psychological, horror drama touching upon current issues of date rape culture, southern history, and privilege.

The movie follows Christian (Paul Galvan), a privilaged fraternity president who becomes obsessed with Sarah (Jessa Settle), a beautiful coed who is also on campus. She shows him a little kindness in the beginning so he begins to pursue her only to get some friendly rejection in return and he doesn’t handle it well at all. Christian begins to change because Sarah just wants to be friends and as the movie plays out, the viewer gets to witness first hand just how dark of a world he really lives in. There’s also these flashback visions that ultimately help in telling his story. Christian is a college predator with an unhealthy obsession over Sarah who becomes his prey and in the end she finds out first hand just how dangerous he really is.

Somebody’s Darling is a movie that touches on controversial subjects like campus safety, rape culture and privilege but it adds a supernatural element to it without disrespecting how serious this subject matter is. We’ve seen news like this in the headlines so many times and what director Sharad Kant Patel has done is come up with a unique concept about it that comes with a huge twist. The characters were all interesting and most of the acting was good. Somebody’s Darling is definitely a character driven watch so there’s not a lot of special effects or even blood in it so don’t expect that kind of horror movie. There’s a lot to like about the movie like the story, the two main characters and even the credits sequence but unfortunately it is a slow burn and might be hard for some viewers to get through.

Bottom line is, Somebody’s Darling was a pretty cool watch that reminded me of the popular teen horror movies that came along in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The story was well conceived and thought-provoking and the two main characters were extremely interesting. The movie puts a supernatural twist on hot topics like campus safety, rape culture and privilege but it’s also about good versus evil. It’s all about how this predator gets this unhealthy obsession over his prey and how he deals with it. The movie also has this retro vibe to it because of the way it was shot. For this to be Sharad Kant Patel’s directorial debut, I thought he did a good job even though the low budget feature did have its flaws, with the biggest one being that it’s an extreme slow burn. Some viewers might have a hard time staying invested but if they do the payoff at the end is worth the wait. Somebody’s Darling is now available On Demand and worth checking out.

Distributor: UFOClub Creative

Run Time: 80 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated


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