Movie Review: Sinister Visions

Sinister VisionsWhen it comes to horror anthology movies, there are really only a few good ones that actually come to mind that can pull off a good movie. A few weeks ago, the movie trailer for Sinister Visions was released on the internet and it gained my attention. After finally being released, I was able to watch this film and judge my self if this is the next step in the resurgence of anthology horror movies or a lost trend that can’t be rebooted.

To start off, you get 5 different short stories as well as an overhead story to introduce them. Each story ranges from vampires to zombies and even to a cliched slasher killer. The short stories are:

-Mother Knows Best
-My Undead Girlfriend
-Genital Genocide
-A Woman Scorned

Each story is different from one another, yet you can tell that they all had the same kind of factor that they all belonged to one another. Now out of the 5 stories, I only felt that 3 were actually any good. Succubus, Genital Genocide and My Undead Girlfriend were the best out of all the stories. I’m not saying that the other two were bad, but they just felt rushed and not entirely complete. The practical effects and the death scenes in all the stories were pretty well done with only the film quality and screen filters only being the big nuisances that plagued the entire film.

So overall, Sinister Visions was pretty good. It’s no Creepshow or V/H/S, but it still manages to have that essence of being a decent horror anthology. There are also some good looking girls in this movie, so the eye candy for the men is definitely there. If you are a fan of the low budget horror movie genre, then I would recommend checking this out and possibly watching it with a group of friends.

Distributor: Chemical Burn Entertainment

Run Time: 120 minutes

Rated: NR



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