Movie Review: PROMETHEUS

Ok, I have officially witnessed PROMETHEUS and now I can share my thoughts on the new film that returns director Ridley Scott to sci-fi, and what a return it is! 

Prometheus is a ship that carries a crew of explorers to a distant planet to find out our origins but they discover way more than they really want to.  We’ve seen so much in the trailers, TV spots and clips that have been shared, to the point I was worried that they had shown everything but they didn’t!  There are surprises in the movie and that dark horror element that I really loved. Ridley Scott has created something special here out of a universe that many of us are already familiar with but it’s so much more. Is this a prequel? Well, I’ll put it like the director did, it has “Alien DNA” in it and I’ll leave it at that but don’t expect an Alien movie going into this because it’s not. This is an origins movie!

The story of Prometheus is simply amazing. It’s a well thought plan that is executed beautifully. There are some elements of religion that play out during the movie that I really appreciated.  What I mean is, some of the different characters in the movie openly believe in God or a higher power which is what takes us on this journey in the first place, to seek out our “creator” or “creators”.  This brings me to the “Space Jockeys” that are  familiar to those of us who have seen the movie Alien and we find out  just a little about these mysterious characters.  Not all of the characters are developed well but I guess it really wasn’t necessary. The special effects are outstanding and I would even say that is the epic part of the movie, well, that and the “where’d we come from” element that is so important.

The ship itself is amazing and has so many cool tricks and gadgets included with it. To me, the ship was also a character in the movie and a very important one at that! All of the actors did an outstanding job, especially our leads  Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba,  Michael Fassbender, Logan Marshall-Green and Guy Pearce who plays Peter Weyland, a name that is very familiar to the Alien universe and fans will appreciate. To me, Rapace and Fassbender are the heart of the movie as we watch  the tension between to two escalate and ulterior motives are exposed. Theron, Green and Elba also serve as important characters in the movie, just in different ways.  Theron comes across as cold and uncaring and we kind of find out why as the movie plays out. Prometheus is rated R and clocks in at just over the 2-hour mark and I’ll say it never lost me. There wasn’t one dull moment in the entire movie that made it completely flew by!

Bottom line is Prometheus is a fantastic movie that fans of Ridley Scott will appreciate and will definitely be able to relate to it and make certain connections. The director said in a recent interview that he set out to make an epic movie with Prometheus and it does come close. In comparing it to his classic 1979 movie Alien he said; “Alien is a great movie but Prometheus is epic”, those are his words! Prometheus comes highly recommended, I think you’ll love it!





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