Movie Review: LINE OF DUTY (2019)

LINE OF DUTY  (fka Live) was directed by Steven C. Miller from a screenplay by Jeremy Drysdale and stars Aaron Eckhart, Courtney Eaton, Jessica Lu, Dina Meyer, with Ben McKenzie and Giancarlo Esposito.

Aaron Eckhart stars as Frank Penny, a disgraced cop looking for a shot at redemption. When the police chief’s 11-year-old daughter is abducted, Frank goes rogue to try and save her. But to find the girl, Frank will need the help of Ava Brooks (Courtney Eaton), whose live-streaming news channel is broadcasting Frank’s every move. While a city watches, Frank and Ava race against time in this explosive action-thriller.

Frank Penny (Aaron Eckhart) isn’t so much a disgraced cop as he is haunted by an unfortunate tragedy that took place earlier and it’s this incident that left him kinda sorta out of action and on the sidelines. What happens is, Police Chief Volk’s (Giancarlo Esposito) young daughter is kidnapped and the clock is ticking. Frank ends up meeting Ava Brooks (Courtney Eaton), a social media reporter who becomes a helpful ally and the two team up together to take matters in their own hands to hunt down the girl themselves. Frank leads the charge and Ava is there to document it all. Ava has her doubts about cops at first but she witnesses what all Frank is willing to go through as he puts his life on the line to save the girl.

There’s also Dean Keller (Ben McKenzie), the deranged maniac who kidnapped the little girl and left her for dead so he can get his revenge on the police chief for something else that took place. Dean also has some beef with Frank and Ava as they play a game of cat and mouse throughout the city. The city streets are turned into a war zone as Frank and Ava find the clues they need but it takes several knock-down-drag-outs for Frank to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s a race against time but Frank is hellbent on saving the chief’s daughter that would ultimately come with the redemption he’s been looking for but standing in his way is Dean who’s about as unhinged and revenge-driven as they come.

Okay, I had a blast watching Line of Duty that ended up being an exciting cop thriller that’s action-packed from the first moments of the movie to the very end. I mean we jump right in and it doesn’t slow down until the credits start rolling. There’s lots of action that includes some pretty neat car stunts as well as some high-flying chopper shots. There’s also lots of bullets flying around! Even though Line of Duty is full of non-stop action, it also has a lot of heart because it features a really good story about revenge and redemption that’s driven by an amazing cast that does a great job with their characters. Line of Duty even has a fun sense of humor at times!

Aaron Eckhart does a fantastic job as this likable cop with some baggage and this might be my favorite role of his now. This is the kind of character you cheer for against the bad guy as the movie plays out. There’s also Ben McKenzie from “Gotham” and going in I wasn’t sure if he could pull off the ruthless villain type but he pretty much nailed it. I’ve had the opportunity to review most of Steven C. Miller’s movies over the years where most of them have been good watches but a few of them have been great. Line of Duty isn’t just a great cop thriller but it’s also Miller’s best work to date. Line of Duty is set to arrive in select theaters, Digital and On Demand on November 15th.

Distributor: Saban Films

Run Time: 98 Minutes

Rated: R

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  1. Average Joe says:

    Miller’s best work to date isn’t saying much. Tonight I took my best crap to date, but they have all been crap.

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