Movie Review: LAVENDER

LAVENDER was directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly who co-wrote the film with Colin Frizzell, the film stars Abbie Cornish, Diego Klattenhoff, Lola Flanery, Justin Long and Dermot Mulroney.

Lavender follows Jane, a photographer who suffers a severe memory loss after a traumatic car accident. During her recovery from the accident, some strange clues amongst her photos suggest she may be responsible for the deaths of family members she never knew she had. A mysterious psychiatrist enters the picture and helps her recover these lost memories. Upon recommendation, Jane ends up returning to her childhood home where the massacre happened so she can confront her past and try to remember what exactly happened so many years earlier.

The opening scene in Lavender shows a tragic event that takes place. It’s slow-mo sequence of a bloody crime scene where a family has been tragically slaughtered leaving one lone survivor – Jane. The movie then fast forwards 25 years later and follows Jane (Abbie Cornish), her husband Alan (Diego Klattenhoff) and their young daughter Alice (Lola Flanery). They’re your semi-normal happy family until Jane is in a car accident that triggers these buried memories of her childhood. Jane has been living with some amnesia that has left her with no recollection of the tragedy that happened so many years earlier. Now she is tasked with trying to remember what exactly happened and this leads to a shocking revelation.

This is where Liam (Justin Long), a resident psychiatrist, comes into the picture to try and help Jane put the missing pieces of her mysterious past back together. Liam ends up recommending that Jane go back to her childhood home and face her past in person and once she arrives, the pieces of her puzzle slowly begin piecing themselves back together. This is also where Jane’s uncle Patrick (Dermot Mulroney) is introduced into the picture. He’s the only living family member who welcomes her home like any long lost family member should. Right? Anyway, Jane’s memory kicks back into gear where she remembers what exactly happened on that tragic night and how it all actually went down. Jane’s childhood home is full of ghosts and there’s a monster on the loose.

Bottom line is, I really enjoyed watching Lavender that ended up being one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in a while. We don’t get a lot of amnesiac thrillers and this is a good one. Ed Gass-Donnelly shows he’s still a great storyteller with this stylish and beautifully shot movie that’s complimented by this talented cast. Abbie Cornish gives an amazing performance with this complicated character she portrays and the supporting cast delivers on all cylinders. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly put together with flashbacks and little objects that mysteriously appear in Jane’s life. All of these clues lead her to the answers that she’s searching for and the shocking events that took place so many years earlier. It’s a haunted house movie and psychological thriller all rolled into one suspenseful and thought-provoking cinematic experience. The movie will hit theaters and On Demand on March 3rd and is definetely worth checking out. This is a really good movie!

Distributor: AMBI Media Group and Samuel Goldwyn Films

Run Time: 93 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

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