Movie Review: INNER DEMONS

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INNER DEMONS was directed by Seth Grossman and stars Lara Vosburgh, Morgan McClellan, Colleen McGrann, Kate Whitney and Brian Flaherty.

The possession thriller follows a troubled sixteen year old girl. The former A-student turned drug addict ends up getting drug into an intervention by her family and friends while a reality show documents it all. This really doesn’t set well with the her at first and there are some strong reasons why. The thing is, this girl has a little secret that she’s been keeping from everyone. The reason that she is  junkie is to keep her “inner demon” tranquil.

Once the girl arrives at the rehab facility and with reality crew in tow, she really does try to settle in and make the best of her situation. She begins to show signs that something serious is really wrong with her but it’s all passed off as simple withdrawals at first. As these little episodes of hers continue and people begin to start paying much closer attention to this situation, they see that there’s something else going on here. She is possessed by some dark and sinister force and it’s time to exorcise it. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, as the movie plays out and they all think they have helped the poor girl, she gets sent back home where everyone can live all happily ever after but guess what, her “inner demon” comes out to play one more time. It’s these final moments where we see the true demon come out to play and wreak havoc on everyone around her. We get to see some seriously disturbing scenes here in the final moments of the movie as well as one of those endings that will send chills up your spine as well as leave you scratching your head.

Okay, so we get plenty of found-footage movies these days and I’m thinking probably half of the horror movies we get now are in the found-footage category and honestly half of them also suck. Inner Demons was actually a pretty cool watch with an original story and interesting main character. We watch this poor girl go through so much here, from simply trying to keep the people around her happy by giving in to this whole reality show and intervention thing, to damaging her own body with drugs to try and keep this demon tranquil. There is some slow moments in the movie but there’s also some really creepy scenes that help you get through and once the movie gets to the finale, it’s all hell breaks loose, literally.

Bottom line is, Inner Demons was a pretty cool found-footage movie. It’s definitely a slow burn but if you can make it to the ending, the shock level is through the roof and easily makes up for the slow time. This movie releases in select theaters and VOD on October 3rd.

Distributor: IFC Midnight

Run Time: 83 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated


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