Movie Review: GREMLIN

GREMLIN was written and directed by Ryan Bellgardt and stars Adam Hampton, Kristy K. Boone, Catcher Stair, Katie Burgess, Mike Waugh, and Caleb Milby.

Adam receives a mysterious box from a relative containing a creature that will kill everyone he cares about. The only way to be rid of the curse is to give the box to someone he loves. As the ominous timer on the box counts down to its end, he can only imagine the horrors that await. Does he give the box away to save his family, or unleash a monster upon humanity? He can’t destroy it. He can’t escape it. He can only give it to someone he loves…

This fun creature feature centers around this mysterious box with a timer on top that gets passed around to the unsuspecting victims who take ownership of it. The potential victims don’t know that there’s a bloodthirsty little monster living inside the box and when the countdown begins and the box opens, it starts killing. The box also comes with one rule they have to follow, or else. So what happens is, the box finds its way to an unsuspecting family that is already dealing with enough of their own drama and now they find themselves in a fight for their lives against this thing. The creature now has some new blood to feast on and one by one the family members are slaughtered by this mysterious mini-beast that attacks when they least expect it. There’s also one big mystery that comes with the Gremlin and in the end the remaining survivors discover a giant secret about it, besides the fact that it can’t be killed.

Bottom line is, Gremlin was a surprsingly fantastic creature feature and I had a blast watching it. Ryan Bellgardt did a really good job coming up with a name that we’re all familiar with but delivering something completely new and different. The story was interesting and the cast all did a really good job with their characters but hey, nobody is safe in this one. Anyway, the creature kind of stole the show away from its human targets and it put on a crazy cool show as it went around killing off whoever was next on its list. I liked the design of the creature and the box it pops out of and the visual effects used to create all of this were really impressive, especially for a low budget creature feature like this one. Oh and there’s plenty of blood and carnage to go along with the VFX. All in all, Uncork’d has a nice little hit on their hands and I’m looking forward to checking out this horror gem again sometime soon. Watch out because Gremlin creeps onto VOD on July 11th and is definitely worth checking out. This aint Gizmo!

Distributor: Uncork’d Entertainment

Run Time: 88 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated



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