GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2 is the obvious sequel to the fan favorite 2011 found footage horror film. Does the movie live up to the first one? 

This time a group of curious friends from college head out to investigate the abandoned Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, where Lance Preston and his crew disappeared while filming an episode of Grave Encounters. The first 55-minutes is nothing more than a slow burn lead in to what finally becomes a pretty fun and visually exciting watch with a great surprise thrown in. There was some cool visuals that might give a few some nightmares and others some fun and horrific giggles, just like the first movie offered.  There’s not a lot of blood and guts so don’t go in expecting that kind of stuff, this is all paranormal scares. Friends are once again knocked off one by one until there’s just a few survivors running and screaming, trying to find a way to escape this hospital of death.  Oh, and the main ghost is entertaining at times, giving hints left and right, almost like its welcoming the potential new victims to its own party.

In a comparison, what Paranormal Activity doesn’t show you,  Grave Encounters 2 allows you to see, which are the ghosts! Fans want to see the disturbances in movies like these and they get that with this one! Director John Poliquin does a great job with this movie and keeps that same feel and vibe that The Vicious Brothers did with the first film. There are some cool tricks and SFX fans will like and appreciate, I just wish there had been more of them earlier on in the movie! The cast includes Richard Harmon, Stephanie Bennett, Dylan Playfair, Leanne Lapp, Howard Lai, Ben Wilkinson and Sean Rogerson who reprises his role as Lance Preston. Rogerson is a trip to watch when he finally appears in the movie, and it’s not in flashbacks either! I guess I can say that now.

Bottom line is, Grave Encounters 2 gets off to a really slow start just like its predecessor but once it gets rolling  it does have some fun, jumpy moments.  If you can get through the first half of the movie, the payoff is worth it!  This movie does makes a good companion to the first film.   Grave Encounters 2 hit VOD on October 2nd and will have a theatrical release and midnight screenings beginning on October 12th. It’s not that bad so if you’re looking for a new horror or found footage movie then give it a try, you may or may not like it. Personally, I kind of liked it.

Distributor: Tribeca Films


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