FDR: AMERICAN BADASS! was representing this summer at SDCC and wow’d the fans! In such a gloom time I’ll tell you movie fans need something like this! This is a slice of epic comedy pie!

This movie reminds me of the type of comedy that was in the Naked Gun and Airplane movies or most recently the Scary Movie franchise except this one is way better and pushes the envelope where other films may have been afraid to do! It pokes fun at just about everything it can, from race to stereotypes, nothing or nobody is safe from this film’s hilarious pokes, nods and winks.

The story follows Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Barry Bostwick) who is bitten by a werewolf and is stricken with polio, so that’s how he got it? So, it’s time of war and FDR becomes President and decides to lead the charge against the enemy of werewolves led by Hitler, Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito. Yep, they were really werewolves! The fact that Mussolini was a bald werewolf was hilarious. FDR and his weaponized wheelchair takes car of business and then some!  Everything is completely twisted and turned upside down from what we learned about FDR in our text books. I’m telling you this is hilarious, like pee in your pants comedy!

The dialogue in the movie is funny as hell but also smart, clever and very well written, courtesy of one Ross Patterson who also plays Cleavon Buford, a Southern Repub. who joins in FDR’s battle against Hitler and the evil werewolves. There are one liners galore that may actually insult those who take themselves too seriously. There are words from present day thrown all around in the movie like “word” as well as hit rock songs lyrics from the 80’s hair band days. There’s nothing left out here!  The SFX are great, the werewolf makeup is just funny looking but it’s also very well done and  is meant to look funny I do believe. We also have lots of blood and evens some boobage for those looking for that stuff. Hey, I was all smiles!

Barry Bostwick delivers an over-the-top comedic performance that I’ll never forget. Not only does he kind of resemble FDR in that getup and wheel chair but he’s just too funny, seriously! Everything he does and gets himself into is hilarious, but that’s not all though, Lin Shaye plays his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt and is always on every time we see her in the film. Speaking of Lin Shaye, if she’s in a movie usually I’m in simply because of her!  So who do you think is part of FDR’s winning team?  How about Douglas MacArthur aka Dougy Mac played by Ray Wise, Winston Churchill (Paul Willson) also shows up to lend a hand, Bruce McGill plays Louis who is FDR’s right hand man and we even have Abraham Lincoln show up to kind of mentor FDR and help guide him to his victory over the werewolves. So who played Honest Abe? None other than Kevin Sorbo, you heard right Pilgrims! I have to say there is a special scene with Sorbo and Bostwick that reminded me of the stoner comedy Half Baked, that’s all I’ll say. You’ll just have to see this epic cinematic clip. We can’t forget Patterson’s Southern gentleman character Buford who shows up to help as well, this is just another piece of comedy gold from the movie. There’s also cameos from the likes of Ahmed Best and several others. Heck, the entire supporting cast was amazing and delivered dead on!

FDR: American Badass! was directed by Garrett Brawith who caught everything with his camera to make this movie a comedy classic. He and Patterson worked together on Poolboy: Drowning out the Fury which was also a comedy grand slam so these two guys might just be the new comedic dream team we’ve been looking for. I mean we have Dunston and Milton who are the dream team of horror, we have Orci and Kurtzman in sci-fi so I think Brawith and Patterson could be the it guys for comedy!

Bottom line is, you have to see this movie…Period! FDR: American Badass! is as much fun as I’ve had watching anything in a long time and it’s definitely an instant classic!  I freaking loved this movie that is nothing but epic comedy cheese!

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