EXTRATERRESTRIAL is the latest movie from The Vicious Brothers (Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz) and stars Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Melanie Papalia, Jesse Moss, Gil Bellows, Michael Ironside, Anja Savcic, Emily Perkins and Sean Rogerson.

This sci-fi thriller follows a group of friends who head out to the woods to a cabin to have a little fun and fireworks. Once they arrive, things quickly get dark and strange when they witness a fireball land in the woods nearby and guess what, they decide to investigate. They all head out into the woods and what they discover is something from out of this world, literally. They find what appears to be a UFO and to top this off, they also find some footprints coming out of the wreckage that leads into the woods. Yes, something survived the crash and they are about to find out what it is in horrifying fashion.

From this point on, this weekend that was supposed to be full of fun and good times turns into a deadly encounter when  the group comes face to face with the aliens and these aren’t your friendly  kind of extraterrestrials either! The group witnesses one of their friends get caught in a beam from another UFO that appears and she gets zapped up into the craft. There’s nothing but chaos, hysterics and running for their lives from this point on as these aliens slowly seek the group of friends out and captures them, one by one. There’s no way for this group of friends to escape what they are about to witness.

The cool thing about this movie is, it doesn’t stop with these abductions where most movies do end. The Vicious Brothers take us on a trip into space where we get to see a few of the survivors wake up in this black goo and get free. Oh and when I say black goo, it appeared that the entire inside of the ship was coated with this crap. Anyway, they once again encounter these aliens ever so briefly in one final shocking encounter. The neat thing about this is the viewer not only gets to see the inside of this space ship but what appears to be either the home world or possibly a massive mother ship. There’s lots of ships shown in this scene and it all looks really amazing!

Okay, first of all I’m a huge fan of Grave Encounters and I had been following this new entry for a while and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. Let’s get past the weakest link of the movie right off. The story keeps it pretty simple with the formula we have seen in so many alien abduction and horror movies. We follow a group of friends who head out to the woods to a cabin or let’s say a cabin in the woods, get it? All these characters here are pretty much just victims for the aliens. There’s not much character development here so you really don’t care who gets what’s coming to them. There’s lots of chasing and chaos but we get so much more here. There is a nice horror element to this sci-fi movie, from the eerie looking grey men we get to see, to the inside of one of their ships and what all comes with that, it’s all really amazing. The fact that this is a low budget indie effort and what all they have done with it could easily be pulled off as one of those million dollar studio movies and guess what, this movie is so much better than most of those!

So, the acting is all pretty good but the standout here is of course the aliens, special effects and camera work. We get to see plenty of the red lights from the ship in the movie with some scenes out in the woods and the cracks though the cabin and it all look so great. On top of this are the aliens and we get to see plenty of them too and they look really menacing. Once the movie heads out into space, all of the special effects used for these scenes just look so fantastic and the fact that this low budget movie goes this far just blew me away! They kept the design of the UFO’s pretty simple too, they’re just round flying saucers and I really liked that. There’s no over-the-top ship design here, it’s a simple look that we’re all familiar with. Did I mention there’s an anal probe scene? The Vicious Brothers didn’t leave anything out here and I’m not even telling you everything!

Bottom line is, Extraterrestrial was everything I was hoping for and so much more! I figured I would like it since it was coming from the Vicious Brothers but I never thought I would like it this much. We get our fair share of alien abduction movies and some of them have been pretty cool over the years but I honestly haven’t seen something as creepy as this since Fire in the Sky. Extraterrestrial is literally one creepy sci-fi thriller of the most awesome kind! The movie will be available On Demand on October 17th followed by a theatrical invasion on November 21st and is definitely worth checking out. With a hashtag like #GetProbed being used to promote this movie, how could you go wrong? This is easily one of my new favorite movies.

Distributor: IFC Midnight

Run Time: 106 Minutes

Rated: R

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