DISPLACEMENT was written and directed by Kenneth Mader and stars Courtney Hope, Bruce Davison, Susan Blakely, Sarah Douglas, Lou Richards and Christopher Backus

The movie follows brilliant young physics student Cassie Sinclair (Hope) as she attempts to solve the murder of her boyfriend Brian (Backus) while battling memory loss, mysterious pursuers and severe physical distress caused by a quantum entanglement event. Have you ever wanted a second chance? To give someone a gift you weren’t able to give? Tell them you loved them one last time? These are the questions at the heart of DISPLACEMENT, a character-driven time travel story that explores themes of love and loss, the power of forgiveness, and the consequences of turning back the clock.

Grieving over the death of her mother (Blakely) to cancer, Cassie must find a way to reverse the anomaly and solve the mystery of Brian’s death, all while avoiding a shadowy group that is dogging her every move, sending Cassie on a journey that will shake her very core, setting off a chain of events that brings her to the brink of complete emotional and physical collapse. In order to untangle the anomaly, Cassie seeks counsel from her old physics professor (Davison), encounters her estranged physicist father (Richards) and finds herself being repeatedly interrogated by the mysterious Dr. Miles (Douglas) all of which reveal clues that lead her further down a path toward discovery and potential redemption. But at how steep a price?

So, once Cassie starts waking up in these tubs of ice water and suffering from a little memory loss, she slowly back tracks the steps that got her to these points and each time she rediscovers a little more of what’s actually going on here. A little deja vu comes into play with each time jump! Not only has she come up with the formula for time travel but she’s also dealing with some shady characters who are hot on her trail. She doesn’t know who to trust and for good reasons because everybody has their own agenda. Some good and some bad! As the movie plays out she finds out who is on whose side, she also learns that it’s going to be hard (or impossible) to fix some of the tragedies that have taken place in her life. There are some things that can be prevented while others that are meant to be left alone so they can run their course and in the end Cassie learns a valuable (and maybe a little heartbreaking) lesson from her time traveling adventures.

Bottom line is, I really enjoyed Displacement because it’s a sci-fi thriller that offers up something a little new and fresh to the whole time travel genre. The movie is definitely more character and story driven so don’t expect any big special effects show or anything like that. Instead, it plays out kind of like an old school mystery that slowly unravels itself as Cassie’s exciting (and terrifying) story is told. The movie was fast-paced enough that it kept me involved, intrigued and glued in until the final act and Kenneth Mader did a great job with all of this. Oh and keep watching through the credits! Displacement just started its exclusive theatrical run at Laemmle’s Monica Film Center in L.A. and it’s also now available on VOD. The movie will also screen theatrically in Chicago on May 12th and release on DVD later in the month. If you’re looking for a smart, well crafted and thought-provoking time travel movie then be sure you give this one a watch.

Distributor: Arcadia Releasing Group

Run Time: 113 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

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