DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN was directed by Brian Netto, produced by Adam Schindler and stars Danny Barclay as Kyle and Laurel Vail as Rachel.

The movie follows Kyle and Rachel Massy, a young couple that has been having trouble having a baby but finally Rachel does get pregnant and they decide to document every moment including doing a reality show for it. All is great and wonderful in the beginning but things slowly change as strange events begin to take place around their home as well as a noticeable difference in Rachel who begins to think their baby is possessed by an evil spirit.

It’s the camera man for the reality show that captures all of this happening and the depressive transformation that Rachel goes through, from a happy go lucky mother, to be to this paranoid psychotic that gives us some creepy and unsettling moments at times and some looks that will leave you really creeped out. All of these events documented for this show finally lead to the birth of the young couple’s child and one of the most shocking endings ever captured on film. Why you ask? There is something more at play here kiddos than just a normal pregnancy!

Okay, I have mixed feelings about this movie. This is a found footage film and we get plenty of those these days and most of them aren’t original at all. What is original here is the couple trying to have this baby and bringing in a film crew to document it for a reality show. This entire part was really well done and the two actors playing this couple really do a great job bringing the viewer into their world and are completely believable. The opening scene was fantastic and sets things up for the rest of the movie but it really slows down after that and gets extremely slow for a while. There are a lot of interviews with family and friends and I think we just got a few too many here and it just started to drag along. I’m okay with slow burn movies but this one just got a little too slow and I had a hard time staying with it, which isn’t good. We do finally pick back up for the final act where we get to see this finale that honestly floored me when I witnessed it. Without ruining it for anyone, let’s just say the couple does have their baby in this shocking finale.

So, the story for Delivery was a good one, all of the acting was fantastic, I did like the way it was filmed even though it struggled with its pacing some during the middle but the finale did make up for it some. There’s no big over-the-top special effects so don’t go in expecting some kind of gorefest because that’s not happening here. This is a found footage style psychological thriller that really is well made and thought out, it does have a few old school tricks you’ll catch if you’re paying attention and then there’s that ending, whoa!

Bottom line is, Deliver: The Beast Within did have its flaws but for the most part, the movie was a creepy and moody thriller that dives deep into this dark world this couple and their unborn child gets innocently trapped in. The movie is now available on VOD and is releasing today in theaters in NYC, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, and Indianapolis.

Distributor: The Collective

Run Time: 87 Minutes

Rated: N/A

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