Movie Review: CRAZY LAKE

 CRAZY LAKE was directed by Jason Henne and Christopher Leto from a screenplay by Jason Henne and stars Skyler Joy, Libby Blanton, Marco DelVecchio, Ashley Nicole Allen, Rob Mello, Tom Latimer and Leyla Lawrence.

Crazy Lake brings several friends together at a remote camping spot. It is all fun and good times, until an escaped convict enters the area. A group of coeds looking for fun on spring break have their beach plans cancelled and opt for plan B – fun at a cabin on the lake. Sometimes plan b can be a real killer!

The movie follows this group of friends that head out to a cabin in the woods that belongs to one of the friend’s relatives. This place appears to be the perfect location but it comes with a dark past. What they don’t know is that this location has been the home of some horrifying murders over the years at the hands of a mysterious killer and now there’s a new batch that’s just arrived and they’re ripe for the picking. They start partying it up as soon as they arrive but it doesn’t take long for things to change because the killing starts up again and doesn’t stop until the credits roll. The friends are terrorized and taken out one by one in gruesome fashion by this mysterious killer who ultimately shows them why this place is called Crazy Lake.

First of all, I really liked this group of interesting characters that featured the typical personalities we get in a lot of horror movies – like the good girl, nerdy girl, bad girl, the jock, douchebag, geek, and the troublemaker. There’s also a few random characters thrown in as the movie plays out and they just show up to get slaughtered – and I’m completely okay with that. The only problem I really had with the movie is that I wasn’t that impressed with the look of the killer but I did like the twist that came with him. One thing that did help was the body count and impressive practical effects that included lots of blood and gore. For this to be a low budget indie film, the practical effects were seriously top notch. Honestly, we can never have enough of the red stuff when it comes to slashers!

Bottom line is, Crazy Lake ended up being a pretty cool horror movie even though it wasn’t really anything new or original. The basic slasher formula keeps it simple and follows this group of friends that head out to a cabin in the woods to do some hardcore partying and we all know how this usually ends up and this one is no different. The story was okay and all of the actors did a really good job with their characters. I was impressed by the good acting in this low budget indie film. This 80’s slasher throwback also features all the right ingredients that includes a good looking cast, boobs, a little suspense, a crazed killer and blood and gore to go along with it. All in all, I’d say directors Jason Henne and Christopher Leto have delivered a really fun horror slasher that’s worth checking out. Crazy Lake is now available On Demand so go ahead and give this one a watch.

Distributor: Indican Pictures

Run Time: 79 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated



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