Movie Review: CONTRACTED


CONTRACTED is written and directed by Eric England and stars Najarra Townsend, Caroline Williams, Alice MacDonald, Matt Mercer, Katie Stegeman, Charley Koontz, Ruben Pla, Simon Barrett, Dave Holmes, E-Kan Soong and Celia Finkelstein.

There’s an opening scene that shows a necrophiliac having a little gross sex action in the morgue, this short scene sets up what is about to happen over the next 3 days. The movie follows Samantha who at the beginning of the movie is at a party and she gets drunk and has unprotected sex with a strange guy (the necrophiliac) she doesn’t know and this is a one night stand that Samantha will live (or not) to regret!

We slowly watch Samantha begin to have what she thinks is cramps, women problems, etc. She pays the doctor a visit but doesn’t get much help from that guy (a cheesy moment). She tries to keep her life going but more things begin to happen, like odd looking rashes and blood shot eyes that make pink eye look like nothing!  Her senses begin to leave her as well as certain parts of her body begins to rot off and when I say rot, I mean it! Yikes!

While the first 3/4 of the movie deals with Samantha and her deterioration that is all quite entertaining and high on the gross out factor, it’s the final act that reveals something totally surprising and shocking to the viewer. Some of Samantha’s selfish ways come into play and it’s almost like she decides to take a few of her friends down with her and in gross fashion! As the movie plays out to its shocking final scene, we begin to see Samantha’s horrifying physical transformation into this zombie-like figure and in the final moments, we finally get to see the end result. This left a smile on my face the first time I watched it!

Okay, Eric England has delivered a fun and unique story and he is able to capture all of the shocking horror on camera for the viewer. The whole STD thing gives the movie this real life vibe and will definitely make you (most people) think twice before you hit that next one night stand! Adding this real life element to a horror movie was freaking outstanding! The special effects are all done extremely well and trust me, like I stated earlier, the gross out factor is there and comes in high doses! While all of the acting is pretty good from the supporting cast, it’s Townsend who puts on a show as we watch her character go through this sick transformation on screen.

Bottom line is, I really enjoyed Contracted and everything it had to offer! Townsend delivers an outstanding performance as we watch her character Samantha completely and literally fall apart in this 3 day period. England has come up with something completely original for the zombie genre that the fans have always wanted to see, or at least I have and that’s how this crap gets started! Haven’t you ever wondered where this zombie virus crap begins, how it happens, who was the first person to “contract” it? England gives the viewer his interpretation of how this could happen and it succeeds on all levels and hits on all cylinders, it’s original, smart, fun, crafty and scary at times! Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and while it had a few cheesy and over-the-top moments, it succeeds in almost every way and it’s easily one of my personal favorites of 2013! Contracted is a triumph and an instant cult classic that zombie fanatics have got to see! Contracted is available now On Demand and in select theaters.

Distributor: IFC Midnight

Run Time: 84 Minutes

Rated: R

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