Movie Review: CLARA

CLARA was written and directed by Akash Sherman and stars Troian Bellisario, Patrick J. Adams, Kristen Hager, Ennis Esmer, R.H. Thomson and Jennifer Dale.

In a race to find intelligent life in the universe, an astronomer (Patrick J. Adams) and his free-thinking research partner (Troian Bellisario) make an inexplicable discovery that changes how they see the world, and each other.

This sci-fi drama follows Isaac Bruno (Patrick J. Adams), a promising young astrologer who is forced to take a leave of absense from teaching at his college after he abuses his telescope privilages. Isaac is skeptical that there’s other intelligent life in the universe but when he meets Clara (Troian Bellisario), a free-spirited artist full of mystery, something begins to change in him.

What happens is, Isaac allows Clara to help him in his search for another habital planet and the two end up forming a close relationship but it isn’t without obstacles. There’s a mystery to Clara because of her proclaimed connection to the universe and sometimes her way of doing things bothers Isaac. Their common goal is what connects the two outsiders and it ultimately leads to an amazing discovery.

Bottom line is, Clara ended up being a thought-provoking and emotional slow burn that deals with skeptism versus optimism that comes with a huge payoff as well as a little romance and tragedy thrown in. It’s a smart movie that focuses on the one thing we’re all fascinated with – is there intelligent life out there? The cast did a great job with their characters and I thought Akash Sherman did a really good job telling the story and bringing it to life on screen.

Watching the two characters, who are polar opposites, come together for one common goal is the driving force of the movie. The movie is more character driven so it doesn’t rely heavily on visual effects but what we do get looks amazinz. Especially that little scene in the end. Are we alone in the universe? Clara is a sci-fi drama with an answer to that big question we’ve all been asking. This impressive little indie film fits in with big studio movies like Contact and Interstellar but it has a little more heart than those two. Clara will release in select theaters and On Demand on May 3rd.

Distributor: Screen Media

Run Time: 105 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

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