BLUE WORLD ORDER is the first feature from writer-directors Che Baker and Dallas Bland. Billy Zane, Jake Ryan, Stephen Hunter,  Bruce Spence, Jack Thompson and newcomer Billie Rutherford round out the cast of survivors in search of a new beginning after nuclear war and a deadly plague have pushed humankind to the edge.

After a nuclear war decimated the Northern Hemisphere, the surviving population was infected with a deadly bacterium. In an attempt to rebuild civilization, a self-appointed government called The Order distributed an immunization to the bacteria, which inadvertently killed all the children. Only one man, Jake Slater, remained immune. The only child that survived is his daughter, Molly. Now, Jake scavenges the wasteland searching for a way to keep her alive, unaware that she is the key to the survival of humankind.

There’s a lot going on in Blue World Order. The movie takes place in a grim post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear war has killed off most of the human race leaving the survivors infected with this bacteria. A new government called The Order has come into power and it ended up setting off an EMP that was supposed to immunize the people but it also ended up killing off all of the children, except for one. Jake’s daughter Molly is the last surviving child and certain people want to know why she has survived.

Something else this mysterious EMP did was place most of the survivors under the control of The Order and Jake has to fight them off as he tries to keep his young daughter safe. What they all ultimately find out is that The Order was preparing for something much deadlier that is on the way and in the end  the few survivors of the human race unite and wait for this monstrous new threat to arrive.

Bottom line is, Blue World Order is one of those movies that you can tell a lot went into it but it isn’t without its problems. The concept was interesting and there’s a lot going on here, maybe too much. It’s definitely story and character driven with special effects inserted sparingly, but what was used looked good. The movie itself reminded me a little of Mad Max but it plays like one of those Syfy originals that can be hit or miss. Blue World Order is an ambitious effort by the directing duo of Che Baker and Dallas Bland but I don’t think it’s going to be for all sci-fi fans out there. Fans of Billy Zane and Jake Ryan are sure to get something out of this blend of science fiction, survival-thriller, fantasy and action. The movie is now available nationwide on Cable and Digital VOD, including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, inDemand, Dish and more. The DVD is also available from all major online retailers.

Distributor: Random Media

Run Time: 115 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated



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