ASSASSIN’S BULLET is an international crime-thriller that follows an FBI field agent (Christian Slater) who is brought in to investigate the murders of some high profile European terrorists.

The movie immediately starts off with this female assassin who is all dressed in black taking out some of these terrorists and the only thing she’s says is “no witnesses” which makes you think that there is definitely something more going on here and there is!  Slater’s character Robert Diggs is brought in by Ambassador Ashdown (Donald Sutherland) to investigate the murder while more begin to happen. Diggs is also in mourning with the loss of his wife that is really fully never explained so you just have to go with it. He meets up with a local dancer and becomes infatuated with her, almost to stalker status here!  Elika Portnoy is this dancer plus the real heart of the movie, if it were to have a heart. Portnoy’s character Vicky becomes close to the FBI agent who juggles hunting down this mysterious assassin while undressing her with his eyes in his downtime which eventually leads to a startling discovery of betrayal. “No witnesses!”

Ok, I’m familiar with director Isaac Florentine‘s cool work from Power Rangers and the Undisputed movies but this movie here is petty weak. The movie is shot beautifully and the locations are just as beautiful, it has a great cast but the story and character development are really weak and that kills a movie, even one with lots of potential like this one!  There are some nice action and fight scenes in the movie and one nice twist  but it’s the story that killed it for me!  The movie just drags along way too slow!

Bottom line is, Assassin’s Bullet is a pretty mediocre thriller with one neat twist I didn’t see coming but that wasn’t enough to save this one. The movie itself is pretty forgettable!  It just released in theaters on Friday, August 3rd so if you see it playing at your local multiplex watch it at your own risk!

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