Movie Review: ALIEN ABDUCTION (2014)


ALIEN ABDUCTION is directed by Matty Beckerman and stars Katherine Sigismund, Corey Eid, Jillian Clare, Peter Holden, and Riley Polanski.

Based on the real-life Brown Mountain phenomenon, this found footage sci-fi thriller follows a family who goes camping in the mountains of North Carolina. The first night goes by without a hitch even though they see some strange lights in the sky moving swiftly in some odd formations but the moments quickly passes and he family ends up moving on to their next camping location.

As the family heads towards their next destination, this is where things begin to get a little uncomfortable. They experience things like the electronics in their car malfunctioning, especially the GPS. They also run up on some abandoned cars and trucks (even a cop car) and all of them have their doors open and belongings thrown everywhere. This is where we see the first encounter and not only is this a frightening experience for the viewer but it’s also where we lose one family member and it’s still early in the game folks!

The remaining family members run for their lives as we watch the lights, horns and sirens go off and this just adds to the already terrifying moment the movie just offered. The family quickly jumps back in to their vehicle to flee the horrifying scene and then all of a sudden birds begin to fall from the sky; not one, not two but dozens fall for no reason at all and this just adds to the already unsettling creepy vibe the movie is now putting off. They end up at a cabin out in the middle of nowhere where they meet up with a reclusive hillbilly type with gun in hand and ready for a fire fight, the only thing is he doesn’t know what he’s up against. It doesn’t take long for the aliens to arrive at the cabin with bright lights a blazing. This is where we get another huge payoff that so many other alien abduction movies fall short on, we get the beam of light from a craft we never actually get to see ( just hear) and it captures anything or anyone that gets in its path. This is where we lose a few more people  and once again, it is in a horrifying manner as the movie shows off some and lets the viewer watch these victims not only get sucked up in the light but they get placed in some really awkward positions (almost compact like) that will make anybody watching this cringe, even a contortionist. Hey, you gotta break a few bones to fit in that beam of light!

As the movie heads into its final stage, there’s only two family members left, the younger son and his older sister. We watch the two run for their lives in the woods, they get separated for a brief time as we hear the eerie sound of what’s above them searching and we get just hints that there are these aliens in the shadows gaining ground. The chase does finally have its ending and lets just say, it’s one of those unsettling endings that aren’t at all too happy. This is where the viewer gets an eerie grand tour of sorts of the inside of the spacecraft where we see and hear some of these abductees get a little work done, you know what I mean don’t you!

Okay, there is so much good about this movie and very little that’s bad, so yeah, they got it right!  First of all, the movie is based on some actual events and this element adds so much to it, especially with the little pop ups from interviews that mention this local legend and the missing people. While get get a saturated amount of found footage movies these days, very few of them succeed in a way that actually frightens the viewer but this movie does just that and more. While Alien Abduction does have some cool special effects, they’re used sparingly, instead the movie focuses more on its characters and the unseen/unknown that is after them. When I say unseen/unknown, I mean we see very little of these aliens but when the camera gives the viewer a glimpse, it’s full blown found footage terror! They used the found footage just right except for letting the youngest kid be the one to tell the story with his video camera, I’m not sure how many parents out there will purchase a young kid an expense piece of equipment like this but besides this little issue I had, the rest of the movie and its execution was fantastic!

Bottom line is, Alien Abduction is everything Dark Skies and The Fourth Kind wanted to be! This is alien horror and found footage done right, it holds nothing back and it never slows down. The movie is loaded with some chills and thrills and those jumpy moments so many other movies are lacking and the short glimpses the you get of these aliens and what they are capable of will stay with you long after this movie ends! Alien Abduction is Blair Witch meets Fire in the Sky!

PS- Sit through the end credits!

Distributor: IFC Midnight

Run Time: 85 Minutes

Rated: Not Rated

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3 thoughts on “Movie Review: ALIEN ABDUCTION (2014)

  1. Is this a review or a spoiler? Thanks for being an idiot and not putting a SPOLIER ALERT….I don’t like to call people an idiot but I was looking forward to watching this film…..and now it’s halfway ruined can you please change your title and add *SPOLIER. ALERT* so other people can avoid this horrible review?


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