More Exclusive New Images From THE NIGHT VISITOR Have Arrived!

Hey gang! We have more new images tonight from Jennifer Blanc-Biehn‘s directorial debut feature THE NIGHT VISITOR so head inside and check them out and look for more soon from The Night Visitor!

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Actress and producer, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn teams up with Streamy Award winning producer Mark Gantt (THE BANNEN WAY) and Lony Ruhmann (who is also helping produce HIDDEN In THE WOODS the remake ) for her directorial debut on the digital feature, THE NIGHT VISITOR. The film with a mix of both sci-fi and horror, will be shot with the found footage style that has become popular within the genres. Ruhmann helmed the story and will Executive Produce with Blanc-Biehn, Gantt will produce, screenplay written by the Marcus Bros (HIDDEN IN THE WOODS-REMAKE, THE FARM).

The cast includes Brianne Davis who  plays the role of Jen, a mother of six-year old Ricky, who’s being tormented by a demented Alien, Gary Cairns (HERO WANTED, JUSTIFIED), Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (DARK ANGEL, WRONG COPS, THE VICTIM), Mark Gantt (THE BANNEN WAY, OCEAN’S 11) and Tara Buck (TRUE BLOOD, JUSTIFIED, TOMORROW YOU’RE GONE).


Source: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn

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