Mondo and Death Waltz announce new vinyl releases Scanners/The Brood, The Raid and Sleepaway Camp

Hey gang! Mondo  and Death Waltz have announced new vinyl releases for Scanners/The Brood, The Raid and Sleepaway Camp and we have the details for you to check out inside. These are awesome!

From the Press Release:

Austin, TX-January 13, 2014- Mondo, in collaboration with Howe Records, unveils a special “two cover” LP release for director David Cronenberg’s classic mind and body-bender films Scanners and The Brood with original scores composed by Academy Award-winner (The Lord of the Rings) Howard Shore. Both sides of the packaging have original art for the two films by Sam Wolfe Connelly. Today also marks the reopening of the newly acquired Death Waltz Recording Company at their new home on Mondo’s official site with the release of the original score for The Raid and the soundtrack release for cult classic Sleepaway Camp. All releases are available today at Mondo’s official site.


A longtime collaborator with Cronenberg, Howard Shore’s scores on these classic films are among the horror genre’s most operatic and iconic music. Professor Royal S. Brown wrote fascinating liner notes charting the evolution of Shores’ themes in these early films and provides a quote from the composer about his music-filmmaker collaboration that is as cinematically essential as Hitchcock & Herrmann or Spielberg & Williams…

“Cronenberg put no restrictions on me at all. He talked to me as if I were part of the acting ensemble. It was a very pure way of writing music, and he would make only very minor tweaks once I recorded it. You were allowed to achieve whatever you wanted to achieve given the subject matter. It was a ’60s kind of thing, that kind of equality of working conditions where everything was equal. What he’s interested in is what you think, what emphasis are you going to bring to the work. It’s very intuitive with me and the work. He sends me the film, I spot the film and send him the notes.”

Available for the first time ever on vinyl, Scanners/The Brood features cover art by Sam Wolfe Connelly on both sides of the packaging, and is pressed on 180 gram vinyl with two colorway options: a Scanners-themed Cream with Brown & Red Splatter mimicking the infamous head explosion and a Brood-themed Gray with Green Splatter to represent Nola’s external womb.




1. Main Title

2. Vale Captured

3. Ephemerol

4. The Ripe Program

5. The Injection

6. Dirge for the Assassins

7. Vale’s Lonely Walk

8. The Dart

9. Scanner Duel


The Brood

10. The Shape of Rage: A Suite for 21 Strings



Are you ready for your socks to be knocked clean off? Death Waltz Recording Company are exceptionally proud to bring a huge world premiere release that will sweep your legs away while punching your face to custard with Fajar Yuskemal and Aria Prayogi’s original score to The Raid. Directed by Gareth Evans, this explosive masterpiece of Thai uber-action has already been recognized as one of the greatest action films ever made, but few people know that when it was released in the UK and US, its music was replaced in favor of a score by Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park) and Joseph Trapanese.

Quite frankly, the original score kicks its successor’s ass, hard. Coming from Thailand, the duo of Yuskemal and Prayogi seemingly not only have a geographical connection but a spiritual one as well, leading to a profundity in their music that can’t be matched. Full of muscular electronics and battering percussion, it feels like not only a score but also a workout. Electric guitars give an edge and at times the music reaches up to a post-rock crescendo, while ethereal textures give a nod to the insane world the film takes place in, and it all comes to a head to bring you one of the finest action scores the world has ever seen. You don’t just listen to The Raid – you experience it.

The Raid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Aria Prayogi & Fajar Yuskemal

Cover design Chris Weston

Includes an exclusive booklet with sleeve notes from director Gareth Evans & composers Aria Prayogi & Fajar Yuskemal. 140gm red/green split vinyl housed inside a heavyweight-textured tip on gatefold jacket. 500 worldwide (Mondo exclusive). Standard version grey vinyl 1000 units (record stores worldwide)



1. Uniform

2. Hard Duty Part 1

3. Hard Duty Part 2

4. Invasion

5. Freeze! – Full Alert

6. Lockdown

7. Extermination

8. Massacre

9. Connection

10. Explosion Aftermath

11. Cornered Intensity

12. Carrying Bowo

13. Last Minute Rescue

14. Machete Stab

15. Interrupt


13. Constant Beating

14. Family Reunion

15. Deadly Game Link

16. Agressor

17. Drug’s Lab

18. Torture Room Pt 1 – Bad vs. Evil

19. Torture Room Pt 2 – End

20. Suicide Attempt

21. The Raid – Performed by Sigmun

22. The Raid – OBB

23. The Raid – Trailer (Lethal)

The Raid


Sleepaway Camp

Frankie Vinci recorded three songs for the US slasher movie Sleepaway Camp and Death Waltz are extremely proud to be releasing them officially for the first time ever . Taken from the original 4 track cassette recordings and re-mastered for vinyl under supervision of Vinci. Angela’s Theme is generally regarded as one of the greatest songs featured in a horror movie during the 80’s with it’s mix of synths , drum machines and an absolutely killer chorus. The other two tracks also feature in prominent scenes in the movie and are presented here in their entirety.

 “When I sang the 3 songs I was trying to channel David Bowie. Euro rock music was big in the 80’s, so I was inspired to keep the songs fresh with a Euro vibe. I’m not sure I came close to a Bowie vocal but I guess it worked in its own way. The 3 songs may sound sonically inferior to today’s digital recordings but the heart of “Angela’s Theme” is the eerie notes in the intro and the overall vibe. The Yamaha keyboard’s bell sound actually adds to the creepy feel of the movie ending,” said Frankie Vinci.

Sleepaway Camp – Angela’s theme E.P

Music by Frankie Vinci

45 rpm. Stereo. 500 tri-color vinyl red, green & blue (Mondo exclusive).1000 white vinyl (500 Mondo, 500 record stores).


Side 1

1. Angelas Theme

Side 2

2. Tonight

3. Take A Chance


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