Model Sabrina Sin Is The Alien Bee Babe Of The Month For November

Meet beautiful model Sabrina Sin, Alien Bee’s Babe of the Month for November 2012. Sabrina has been a full time Artist/Alt model for about 4 years but started shooting for fun in 2005. She  loves being both in front and behind the camera. Her favorite part of every shoot is the climax building up to the shoot itself, creating the atmosphere to get that perfect shot. This her passion ,  the fashion, “it is always my biggest compliment when people tell me they can see that in my work and how much I really put my heart in what I do.” -Sabrina

Now check out these awesome photos of Sabrina (a few maybe a little too NSFW) and DO NOT drool on your computer!

Sabrina on launching her Website:

In January of 2013 I will be launching my own Official Website! I am so excited to be launching this site, it has been an outgoing project of mine for about 4 years now and I am happy to see it come to life! I now have my own little corner of the internet, where I have created my own world and now you can see it too. The public will have limited access to content however whereas full access will be granted to my subscribers including for example, MORE Photo galleries, Videos,  Journal entries, etc.  One of the things that took me so long to get this website off the ground was my struggle  between how do I keep my website on that fine line between ART and pornography? I wanted the site to be monetary but I didn’t want to just the next girl running another pay site .I had to find where my comfort levels were as a model, where did I see myself in 15 years and what directions could I take this site in the future. I think as you will find, I have found my happy place in this website. It lets me be as creative as I feel or as sweet and sinful as I want.

Sabrina on Tattoos:

I have been very fortunate over the years to work with some very talented tattoo artists throughout the years from across the country every piece is really special to me and they have some pretty cool stories/deep meanings behind them. In fact I am considering having a section of my website ( dedicated to my tattoos, including photos, the stories behind them, etc. I love them. Check out more work done by these artists!

Jeremy Howard –
Patrick Merryman –
Christopher Malice –

Sabrina’s Movies: 

Film Acting is new to me and scary, but it is something I intend to get more involved with! However, My first Full feature film I played a part is now in Post Production and Titled “Disciples” Directed by Joe Hollow I played the role of “”Lilith” Queen of the Succubus..   Check out our IMDB page:

Sabrina’s  Hobbies:

The greatest thing about being an Artist  & Model is that doing what I do IS my hobby. I love all the aspects of the job itself from the traveling and getting to meet so many talented people along the way, to the acting, playing dress up and getting to build sets, create worlds and bring fantasies to life. I have a pretty awesome job.

Sabrina on Sports:

Sports?  Well…I will say I’ve recently started getting a little more into soccer and that’s kind of fun… I don’t think I will ever understand watching sports on TV, but I have always enjoyed going to the games in real life. Especially NASCAR, it’s so LOUD! That’s a sport right? Oh! …I did get to meet a few of the Texans pretty recently after their big win at my favorite karaoke bar (Glitter Karaoke) here in Midtown, Houston. That was pretty neat I’ve never felt so tiny in my life… Big Boys!

Sabrina’s Pets:

I have two pets, I am an animal lover and I would own a zoo if I thought I had the time to properly care for all the animals. I just love them!  …with their whickers… and their ears.. Ha. At the moment though I only have the two, both rescues and I couldn’t love them more. I have a black and white kitty his name is Frank Sinatra because I just think with his coloring he would look absolutely adorable with a bowtie, yes that’s why. I also have a German Shepherd named Bettie after my favorite pin up model of all time Bettie Page, Duh. I did have a really pretty Beta fish but… my house sitter didn’t condition the water for him correctly while I was away for a bit and he didn’t make it. It was sad but I know he had a good life. I am considering getting another pet soon, I am trying to decide between an octopus or another sugar glider… tough choice.

Sabrina’s Special Talents:

My special talent is that I am the little engine that can …or will! If I want something bad enough I will go for it …again …and again …until I find a way to make it happen. I am a hard worker and I don’t take no for an answer, unless of course it would be creepy for me not to. Ha. Also, I am a total klutz, I could sleep through a train wreck and I am very flexible.

Sabrina’s favorite thing about Halloween:

I love any holiday that involves decorating or dressing up… not to mention Halloween encourages eating candy and there are all kinds of sales on bad ass eyelashes!

Sabrina’s favorite horror movies:

Eeek! That’s a tough question, there are a lot! …but the first few that are right on the top of my head would have to be:
-Nightmare on Elm Street
-The Excorcist
-Sweatshop (Some friends of mine acted in/directed this film a few years back starring Ash Kay of band “The Freakouts” and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.)

You can keep up with Sabrina by visiting her website, you can Subscribe to her on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter @SabrinaSin. Remember guys, I said follow, not stalk!  Oh and we love Sabrina so much here ar AB HQ she’s going to stick around through the month of November!

All images property of their respectful photographers

Alien Bee Photo Credit: Lorenzo Chuca Copyright 2012

Special thanks to Sabrina Sin!

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