Kristy Swanson’s Creepy Voodoo Doll Thriller Killer Under The Bed Airs Tonight On Lifetime

Hey boils and ghouls! Here’s another horror creeper to put on your watchlist during the 31 Days of Halloween. Movie legend Kristy Swanson (Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Deadly Friend) stars alongside Brec Bassinger (DC Comic’s Stargirl) and Madison Lawlor (The Axe Murders of Villisca) in Killer Under the Bed, airing this Saturday October 20 at 8pm on Lifetime, produced by Ken Sanders (Stalked By My Doctor franchise) and directed by Jeff Hare (Nanny Killer).

Recovering from the loss of her husband, dentist Sarah (Kristy Swanson) moves her teenage daughters Kilee (Brec Bassinger) and Chrissy (Madison Lawlor) to a beautiful home in a new town. When outcast Kilee finds a creepy Voodoo doll hanging in a backyard shed, she discovers its supernatural powers can make her wishes come true. Soon enough, she’s making her crush fall for her, enacting revenge on her bully, and destroying the career of Sarah’s manipulative co-worker.  When her wishes turn violent, Kilee, Sarah, and Chrissy must enter an epic battle for their lives against pure evil personified in the form of a killer doll!

In the vein of Trilogy of Terror and Child’s Play, Killer Under the Bed blends elements of Voodoo, teen angst, haunted houses, possession, and killer dolls in a frightening horror film for this Halloween season!

Featuring the work of doll creator/special FX veteran Bill Johnson (Eight Legged Freaks/Oculus/Sleepaway Camp II & III), puppeteer Peter Chavako (Cult of Chucky/The Bad Batch/Curse of Chucky) and VFX by SpookyDan Walker (the upcoming Slay Belles/The Devil’s Carnival).

Killer Under The Bed was co-produced by Sheri Reeves (Jack the Reaper), line produced by Christian Ackerman (Bethany/Death House), and second unit directed by David Benullo (Hallowed Ground/Around The World in 80 Days).


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