James Franco Delivers An Awesome “Don’t Talk” PSA For Alamo Drafthouse


Alamo Drafthouse is proud to launch Drafthouse Recommends, a new Alamo initiative to highlight new movies from contemporary independent cinema, with an exclusive SPRING BREAKERS-themed Don’t Talk PSA, courtesy of James Franco (note, the video is Not Safe For Work).

Drafthouse Recommends aims to highlight groundbreaking, innovative, and provocative films that push the boundaries of genre, represent enigmatic subjects, or highlight emerging new talent.┬áSeveral times a year, Drafthouse Recommends will spotlight an independent, first-run movie that they believe everyone who attends the Alamo Drafthouse should have a chance to see. ┬áThe first in the series is Harmony Korine’s much-anticipated SPRING BREAKERS.

Enjoy the NSFW “Don’t Talk” PSA from James Franco!


Source: Alamo Drafthouse

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