Is JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 Finally Coming? It Looks Like It!


JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 has been in development limbo since 2007, mostly thanks to the financial problems that MGM had but it looks like that’s all finally changing and it’s about freaking time!

Writer-Director Victor Salva has hinted that there’s some good news coming soon for the third entry that is subtitled CATHEDRAL. Salva has hinted that a day of test footage was shot back in September

We know Salva is interested in having Ray Wise and Gina Phillips back and it wouldn’t be the same without Jonathan Breck who brought the Creeper to life in the first two movies.

This is some cool news and I’m really stoked about this news and hopefully we can report more soon on JEEPERS CREEPERS 3: CATHEDRAL.

jeepers creepers

Source:  Shock Till You Drop / Fango

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