Is Christopher Nolan Developing The JUSTICE LEAGUE FILM?

Development of JUSTICE LEAGUE has not been an easy one for Warner Brothers.  First we heard it would be out in 2015, then we heard they scrapped the script, and are starting from scratch.  That’s where Christopher Nolan, brain child behind the Batman films comes in.

Its rumored that Warner Brothers wants Nolan to take over all duties relating to the DC Comics properties.  From development to producing.  Rumor has it Christian Bale will reprise his role from Dark Night, and Henry Cavill from Man of Steel.  Zack Snyder is rumored to direct, and serve as a producer on the film.

None of this has been confirmed at this point from the studio, or anyone involved so take it for what its worth, however if this materializes it could be a good thing for Justice League fans everywhere.

– Cory G

Source: Latino Review via Coming Soon

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