Indican Pictures Releasing Dark Comedy HAPPY IN THE VALLEY On February 26th

Indican Pictures has secured exclusive rights to the dark comedy HAPPY IN THE VALLEY starring acclaimed actor William Forsythe, veteran actress Dee Wallace (E.T.), Shaun Sipos (Texas Chainsaw 3D), Tiffany Shepis (A Beer Tale), and Lew Temple (The Walking Dead).

The movie will be available in rental stores, retail chains, including 180 million homes on Video On Demand throughout North America. Check out the synopsis below along with the trailer and some stills from the movie.


This edgy, dark comedy set deep in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley follows Stewart Fox (Forsythe), a 50-something photographer, whose days as a premiere chronicler of rock-n-roll greats is long over. As Stewart races to what may be his final bottom, he drags along a reclusive alcoholic neighbor (Dee Wallace), a lonely detective (Lew Temple) and his irate sidekick (Shaun Sipos). Redemption may be right around the corner; however, it’s just not for everybody!

Source: Indican Pictures

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