Iconic 80s Alien Set to Return… And It Ain’t ET

Ready for this?! Apparently the 80s remake craze isn’t over just yet, as it’s being reported that ALF, yes! ALF! That fuzzy sarcastic, snarky mouthed alien is set to undergo a CGI makeover from Sony Digital Pictures.

The film will not be totally CGI though and will mix in live action similar to THE SMURFS. ALF will be voiced by PAUL FUSCO, the original voice of ALF. The movie also looks be in good hands.

Veteran producer JORDAN KERNER, who’s other producing credits include the early 90s classic THE MIGHTY DUCKS but the not so classic INSPECTOR GADGET, is working closely with the original creators of ALF.

If ALF’s sharp and quirky tone is kept intact and the script doesn’t get too out there… we could be looking at a 3D family friendly (and possibly better) version of this summer’s TED.

I still have my ALF doll from the 80s, he’s buried somewhere in the basement, but news of an ALF movie has me super stoked to go scrounging through said dusty basement and find my retro relic.

Fingers crossed on this one!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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