HORROR BLOCK Review: February 2015


Hey gang! The February Horror Block has arrived and I wanted to share my thoughts and some pics with all of you.

First of all, what is Horror Block? This is a monthly subscription service and branch of Nerd Block that comes in a cool box full of horror themed merchandise. Each box contains 5-6 horror themed items. February’s Horror Block themes include Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires and more.

Witness the unboxing!




A card is also included inside every box which shows you everything that you’ll be getting. This is a cool extra and a really nice touch.



Behold the goodies!


The latest issue of Rue Morgue magazine is included for the horror fans.  I really like this magazine because it covers everything from new horror movie releases to upcoming conventions. A $9.95 value.



Have you ever wondered what exactly the Zombie Virus looks like? Well, wonder no more because here it is and honestly it doesn’t look as scary in person. It’s actually kind of soft and cute. This is a plush Zombie Virus from GIANT microbes that comes with its own fact sheet. A $10.00 value.



horror block zombie

A Zombie Containment Unit is also included in the February Horror Block. This radioactive puss taken directly from the undead Glows in the Dark! This will look cool under a black light. Oh and there’s also a little surprise waiting for you inside. I know these things stay sold out over on Entertainment Earth. This is around a $3.00 value.



This exclusive vampire themed Slap Watch also comes in the February Horror Block. I’m really digging this watch and as you can see, it’s got some bite to it. Check out the fangs! The time is also really easy to set so don’t worry about that. The center piece simply pops out so you can set it and even replace the battery and then it slides right back in and fits snug. This watch is pretty much one size fits all and feels pretty comfortable on my wrist. I’m not a watch guy but I like this. An $8.00 value.


The February Horror Block also includes the novel “Bitten” by New York Times Bestselling Author Kelley Armstrong. If you’re a fan of sexy werewolves and the hit series Bitten on television then this is the book for you. Hey, if you’re not a big reader I bet you know somebody who is so just give this out as a gift. A $9.00 value.


February included this horror themed shirt you see up top – “Together Forever” featuring the lovely Bride of Frankenstein.  This black Gildan t-shirt is made of thick cotton and the screen printing and art looks really good up close. I would guess each shirt would cost between $15.00-$25.00 at the mall so this is a really good deal right here. When you subscribe, you let them know what size shirt you wear, it’s really that easy. The shirts are my favorite part about Horror Block.

As you can see this subscription service is pretty awesome and it’s a lot of fun opening up and going through everything. A monthly Horror Block subscription only costs $19.99. The shipping rates are as follows: ($8.75 to Canada, $9.50 to the U.S. and $12.50 Worldwide). So, for just under $30.00, this month’s subscription estimated between $45.00-$55.00 worth of goodies inside the box.

Bottom line is, Horror Block comes highly recommended for horror fans all over the world because this February box rocks and I’m already looking forward to ripping into the March Horror Block when it arrives.

*The box itself is actually pretty cool. It’s durable and thick so it should keep all of the neat merchandise inside safe during transit.

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