High Seas Thriller STYX Lands On DVD And Digital In July

Film Movement has announced the release for the high seas thriller STYX that will be available on DVD and Digital on July 2nd. Head inside to check out the trailer!

ER doctor Rike (Susanne Wolff) leaves behind her everyday life to fulfill a long-held dream: a solo crossing of the Atlantic. But when she boardsthe Asa Gray, her gleaming white sailboat, in Gibraltar, she has no way of knowing the troubles or personal transformations that await her on the open seas. Following a rough storm, she happens upon an overloaded, damaged boat teeming with dozens of refugees. When emergency calls to the Coast Guard and nearby commercial vessels go unreturned and rescue seems unlikely, she’s forced to take matters into her own hands in a film Variety calls, “brisk, efficient and thrillingly dynamic.” 

Aptly named after the mythological river that separates the living from the dead, STYX is an astute modern day parable of Western indifference in the face of marginalized suffering. Carrying practically the entire film, Wolff is riveting as a woman pushed to her physical, psychological and moral limits. 

Of her turn, which also captured the Best Actress Award at the Valletta Film Festival, The Hollywood Reporter said, “Wolff is never less than remarkable in a demanding role that’s 80 percent silence and 20 percent English-language dialogue. The fully inhabited turn should further help cement her international status as a star to be reckoned with.”


  • Commentary by Director Wolfgang Fischer and Star Susanne Wolff
  • Bonus Short Film – Ashmina (Directed by Dekel Berenson | Nepali with English subtitles | 16 minutes) — In an impoverished country, rife with contradiction, a young girl finds herself torn by her obligation to her family and the influence of foreign visitors. 
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