‘HELL’S LABYRINTH’ Will Take Your Soul When It’s Unleashed In April

Check out the details inside for HELL’S LABYRINTH, releasing on DVD, VOD and Digital Download on April 17th.

The cool looking fantasy horror stars Leah Rose (Dust), Ryan Schaufler (Chasing Life), Tom Lodewyck (Petty Cash), Matt Ukena (Dark Nemesis), Edy Cullen (Pickman’s Muse), Nick Driessen (Guardians), Katy Colloton (Silent Shame), Chris Flieller (Baraboo), Adrienne Rusk (The Trouble with the Truth) and was written and directed by Drew Maxwell (Dark Nemesis – coming this summer from MTI Home Video), and produced by Amy Dowd (The Dark Knight) and Dan Kattman (Side Effects).


After being kidnapped, Kate Walker (Rose) wakes to find herself trapped in a small chamber. She realizes she’s not the only prisoner, as nineteen others share the same fate. Hunted by demonic creatures, the group must band together if they are to escape the hellish labyrinth and survive the onslaught.

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