Get High On Horror With Weedjies! Halloweed Night Trailer Premiere

Full Moon Features has unleashed the official trailer for the rowdy monster comedy Weedjies! Halloweed Night, the first feature from Charles Band‘s Deadly Ten anthology, set to arrive on exclusively on the Full Moon Features Channel and App, and Full Moon’s Amazon Prime channel on October 21st.

Weedjies! Halloweed Nightwas written by Shane Bitterling and produced by Charles Band, and is a wacky, weed-choked nod to the Empire Pictures classic GHOULIES. The film features a motley cast consisting of The Howard Stern Show’s Richard Christy and Medicated Pete, comedian Ester Goldberg, Instagram model Misty Mason, EVIL BONG franchise veteran Mindy Robinson, Playboy superstar Bridget Marquardt and internet film critic Shawn “Cool Duder” Phillips. Watch the madness unfold as the baked beasts “The Weedjies,” created by FX wizard Tom Devlin, run amuck in this comedy creeper.

And get ready because once WEEDJIES! hits, Full Moon will be prepping the next DEADLY TEN feature for release, NECROPOLIS: LEGION by Director Chris Alexander (QUEEN OF BLOOD). A dark-as-pitch paean to possession film, NECROPOLIS: LEGION stars Lynn Lowry (David Cronenberg’s SHIVERS, George Romero’s THE CRAZIES) and features a score by legendary composer Richard Band (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND). NECROPOLIS: LEGION will premiere on November 18th on Full Moon Features and Full Moon’s Amazon channel.

Please visit for more information on all 10 films in the D10 slate.

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