GEEK FUEL Review: June 2016

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Hey gang! I’ve received my Geek Fuel Mystery Box for June and I wanted to share my thoughts and some pics with all of you. First of all, what is Geek Fuel? This is a monthly mystery subscription service that comes in a cool box full of pop culture themed merchandise. Each box contains 5-6 items. June’s Geek Fuel includes items from Pokemon, Mario Bros, Sherlock, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and most of them are exclusives.

Witness the unboxing!

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The June Geek Fuel Mystery Box includes the nice oversized lobby card that shows you everything that you’ll be getting this month. There’s images and descriptions of each item included inside the box.

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Behold the goodies!

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This month’s issue of the Geek Fuel mag #17 has the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gracing the cover and there’s a huge TMNT toy spotlight inside. The mag also includes a spotlight on Pokemon as well as the latest steam game, Bit Evolution. The mag also includes a feature for each of the exclusive items inside the box, gamer corner, cosplay, another ultimate gift guide and subscriber spotlights. See if you made it in this month’s issue!

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Let’s start things off with this TMNT “Turtle Trainer” stress ball that is also a Geek Fuel exclusive. Subscribers will receive one of four colors and I got brown. We definitely live in stressful times so maybe this will help out some. I like the nice container with the man hole lid. By the way, have you checked out TMNT: Out of the Shadows on the big screen yet?  I’m guessing this is a $5.00 value.

geek fuel 5

Up next is Bit Evolution, the latest downloadable steam game courtesy of Geek Fuel. Players get to journey into the past and travel through video game history with BiT. There’s no price on the game this month so I’m guessing it’s a $10.00 value.

geek fuel 14

Looks like we’ve got a couple of temporary tattoos. I’m not into Pokemon or tats so I’ll be passing these along to a kiddo. I’m guessing these would be a $1.00 value.

geek fuel 13

Here’s a Mario Bros ink stamp. Subscribers will receive one of four. I’m guessing this would be around a $1.00 value. Like what you see so far? Subscribe HERE and when you do, you get a bonus mystery item!

geek fuel 11

Okay, this is pretty cool! Geek Fuel stayed with the Mario Bros theme and threw in this neat “Super 1-Up” planting pot. I’m not a plant guy but I’m going to find something to grow in this thing. Something legal! As a matter of fact, there’s a special mail in offer inside the mag where subscribers can get some free venus fly trap seeds mailed to them from Geek Fuel. While supplies last. This a $5.00 value.

geek fuel 6

geek fuel 7

Here’s another Geek Fuel exclusive! This Sherlock Manga “A Study in Pink” #1 comes with a COA. Some subscribers will receive a variant cover! I’m guessing this is a $7.00 value.

geek fuel 12

So, what do you get when Big League Chew meets Pokemon? Check out this cool Big League Pikachew mashup tee. The grey t-shirt is thick cotton Gildan and the screen printing looks really cool up close. These tees would probably cost between $15.00-$25.00 somewhere else (like the mall or Hot Topic) so this is a really good deal and continues to be my favorite part about this subscription box. When you subscribe, you simply let Geek Fuel know what size shirt you wear – it’s that easy! Subscribe HERE so you can get cool tees like these plus a bonus mystery item.

geek fuel 15

Even though the June box doesn’t come close to being my favorite box since Geek Fuel launched, there’s still several items that got my attention, especially the fun t-shirt. I dig the tee! The June Geek Fuel Mystery Box included approximately $44.00-$54.00 worth of geeky cool merchandise and four of them were exclusive items. A monthly Geek Fuel subscription only costs $17.90 + $6.00 shipping. Right now Geek Fuel ships to the US, Canada and the UK via USPS. They also offer a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscription deal that cuts down on your cost.

Bottom line is, Geek Fuel continues to be one of the premiere Sub Box services and has something fun for nerds and geeks of all ages all around the world. The box is made of durable cardboard and I always like the way everything is packaged with care. There’s even cool Geek Fuel wrapping paper.  Also, remember when you subscribe to use this link because you get a bonus mystery item. Keep your eyes peeled every month because we’re always teasing what Geek Fuel has in store next for their subscribers!

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