Games: The ‘FREAKY PETS’ Want You To Play With Them!

Freaky Pets is a zany and unique place for family fun, crazy characters, stuff to do, and stuff to win.  Activities include daily giveaway games, random prize giveaways, weekly themed personal missions, monthly community missions, and so much more!

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Welcome to the zany, fun and exciting Freaky Pets page where everyone can play our Freaky Games and win all kinds of Freaky Stuff!

Freaky Pets are from Petania, an ancient place that is 4,000 miles southeast of the Ben & Jerry’s plant in Vermont (they’re kinda obsessed with Ice Cream!), just north of the equator, and a little south!

The Pets are real, living breathing creatures that just happen to look just like plush toys that transform from cute to cranky!  And why do they have a Facebook page?  The Pets want to have friends all over the world!

Fact Sheet

What Is Petania Like? – Petania has over 2.8 trillion Pets living there and every Pet has at least one square mile to call home. There are several regions including Peto Rico, Irelandia, Pengawandaland and New Jersey, amongst others.  Pet Town is the capital and Petanese is the main language of Petania.  The weather is extremely volatile going from extremes of 68 degree lows to 76 degree highs, with beautiful blue skies suddenly getting dotted by a small, white puff of a cloud, usually in the shape of Princess Penga’s dress.

What Is Petania’s History – Around for hundreds of thousands of years, Petania has had an advanced culture, mostly centered on ice cream, for millennia.  In fact, humans, when they first few arrived, couldn’t pronounce Petania, so they started calling it Atlantis.  Plato visited a lot.   When the Pets decided to move Petania a few hundred yards further east because an oracle had told them about the future Ben & Jerry’s and they wanted to be exactly 4,000 miles away from the ice cream, Plato and others, not finding it exactly where it had been, thought that it sank into the ocean.  He wrote a book about it.

In 1912, after thousands of years of no human visitors, Dr. L. B. Freaky was shipwrecked on Petania and, after the Pets helped Freaky build the very first (and only) nuclear fusion fueled jetski, Freaky brought some Pets back to “civilization” just a couple years ago.  And now, the Pets are trying to make lots of friends, everywhere they go!

Who Do You Work For? – Freaky Pets For Everyone As Long As They Play With Us, Inc. or, as it is called in Petania, Freaky Pets For Everyone As Long As They Play With Us, Inc.

Who Is Freaky Pets On Facebook? – No one has actually met that Pet.  The word is that not really being useful at much of anything, Freaky Pets was  “asked” by all the fellow Pets to get online and start typing.  They are as surprised as anyone that people are actually reading!

How Do They Give Away So Many Pets, Stickers, etc? – With 2.8 trillion Pets in Petania, it’s easy!  But, the real truth is that the Pets just want to build a world of friends and see what happens!


Freaky Pets
What is the page all about?

People come to the Freaky Pets page for fun, friendship, funny characters, stuff to do with their family or friends, and, occasionally to win stuff!

The FP Games fall into two categories:

–Respond to a question or request

Daily Giveaway Games

Random Give Away Games

–Carry out a mission

Weekly Themed Personal Missions

One a Month Community Missions

In pretty much all cases, stuff is won and given away.  In fact, in the last 6 months, over 5,000 Freaky Pets and hundreds of Stickers have been won!

Meet the Freaky Pets

Bullog is always hungry, almost always getting into trouble, almost almost always cranky!  Still, he’s got a really great heart, even if he won’t admit it!

Penga is soooo pretty, as she explains it, and has a very nice singing voice and very pretty style, thank you pretty much!  But, while only a few have seen her get cranky, when she does, she’s the strongest creature in the Universe.  Seriously!

Dinork is super smart and an amazing inventor of really weird and occasionally useful gadgets.  He is also prone to crying but sometimes just because crying feels good!

Monket!  Whew!  He is superfast and athletic!  He can climb the tallest trees, even if he’s terrified of climbing down, and run faster than any other Pet or even a Cheetah, at least that one time, he did!  Monket and his sister Monketa, also like to practice lots and lots of meditation!

Walloc, well, he just likes to laugh.  Whether he’s nervous or happy, angry or peppy, he always chooses laughing over everything else.  Kinda makes him a favorite with all the Pets!

Gweek.  Ah, Gweek.  Truthfully, no one really knows!  No one understands what it  says and no one can really predict what it’ll do!  Makes Gweek fun at parties!  Some think he/she is the oldest Pet in the whole Freaky universe!

Warto.  Like jazz?  So does Warto, aside from hopping a lot, of course.  On the other hand, when he gets a bit grouchy, he prefers total silence!

Orkal is a very sweet, shy, tentative little Pet.  He’s the youngest and still trying to find his way but like Penga, when he gets a little riled up, watch out!  You don’t want to be in the water, then!

Turtoe is a very unique Pet.  On the one hand, really creative things like art and dance and novels are what fill Turtoe’s life.  On the other hand, when things get tough, Turtoe gets tougher!  It’s like have a drill sergeant as your best friend!

Puff Puff is just super nice, super friendly, super helpful, super upbeat, and just plain old super!  Most of the time.  His cranky side can use a little focusing, otherwise there’s Puff Puff everywhere and it ain’t pretty!

Freaky Pets Staff

Freaky Pets – Who knows!!!  A Pet looking for a job and found it?

Minderclops – A very important Pet!  Without her, Freaky Friends would not have Pets going to live with them!

Eeliwhiny – Sadly, has some of the same humor as Freaky Pets, so occasionally, she covers when Freaky Pets is out of town!

Darfnibble – He still hasn’t found his niche at Freaky Pets but that doesn’t stop him from having an opinion on it, if you can understand him!  He’s kind of testy, too!

Bob – Bob spends his whole day bouncing (usually off of Freaky Pets’ head or work) and smiling!  A Freaky Friend favorite!

Merwoola – Minderclops right hand Pet and new to the Freaky pets page.  Sweet, lovable and a bit obsessed with the idea that others are preferred over her!

Daily Pet Games

Monday Mayhem

–Yep!  Just like it sounds!  Multiple zany posts to follow and respond to in a short time period!

Tuesday Twists

–Expect the unexpected, although, if it’s expected then it’s not really unexpected…but you get the drift!

Wacky Wednesday

–Have no idea!

Thursday Time Trials

–Tons of comments repeated over and over with pop-up prizes from Freaky Pets, right in the middle!  Might be our craziest Game.  Record – over 2,400 comments in 10 minutes!  (Little bit of a spam block issue, too!)

Friday Frenzy – over 100 Freaky Friends win prizes!

–Yep!  That many!  Crazy, huh?  Our most popular Game…wonder why?

Random Shout Outs

–Named pulled out of a hat for a prize!  Could be anytime!  Night, morning, during your shower…anytime!

Pet Week Theme Games

At least once a month, we have a theme week. Freaky Friends send in pics and videos of themselves with that week’s theme in mind!  Random prizes are awarded!

Examples of past Theme Games:

–Petgetables Week

Hundreds sent in daily pics of them or their family eating vegetables but in a Freaky fun way!


Friends sent in tons of pics and videos of different kinds of Labor (FP tells them each days twist on the theme)

Pet Monthly Mission Games

Every month, we have a special week-long Game where Freaky Friends sign up to receive special, fun, silly missions for them and their families!

–Don’t Dig Cranky!

Due to a terrible shortage, The Tunnel of Ice Cream Love was dug and built, and went from Petania to a certain Ice Cream plant in Vermont!

–Don’t Melt Cranky!

The Tunnel still didn’t get enough Ice Cream into Petania, so one was built IN Petania!

–Pet Olympics

The Pets and Friends celebrated the Olympics with piocs, videos, music…

–Petting Back to School

Back to school mayhem!

–Petlock Holmes Mystery

Apprentice Petectives helped Petlock Holmes and Watsontv discover and stop a diabolical plot to take over Petania!

–The Petzard of Oz

Next, for Halloween!

Pets Special Events

Petsonal Delivery – The Freaky Pets Staff goes on the road in their human forms to meet their Freaky Friends

–Giveaway Pets and all sorts of extra prizes

–Perform a mini-Freaky Pets-production

–Next stop, Fort Bragg, NC where we have been invited by service members and their families to meet, greet, give away some stuff, and perform Freaky Pets Live!

Other Cool Freaky Stuff

Free Freaky Pets Music

–To download the entire album, click on this link!

Freaky Pets Video: Come On, Come On

Free Freaky Pets eBooks

It’s All in the Moves

The Three Puffsketeers

Limited Edition Pretty Princess Penga

Free Freaky Pets Ringtones (Brand new!)


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