First Look At Stephen Amell As Oliver Queen From The Set Of The CW’s ‘ARROW’

Here’s our first look at Stephen Amell and Colin Donnell from the set of The CW’s ARROW. Amell plays Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow and Donnell plays Tommy Merlyn.  Dig on the image gallery below.

Character breakdown courtesy of TV Addict:

Oliver Queen: A 27-year-old reformed bad boy, who after having spent five years shipwrecked on a tiny, brutally dangerous island in the South China Sea returns to town a different man. Or to be more specific, a tortured, thoughtful master of the bow with a ferocious determination to make a difference.

Tommy Merlyn: 28 years old and devil-smooth, Tommy is a trustafarian like Oliver, a spectacularly rich young man whose life revolves around parties, clubs, liquor and lots of anonymous sex. Unlike Oliver, he can’t seem to understand his former best friend’s sudden change of lifestyle and direction.

Source: via CBM

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