First Look At Fox Digital’s Upcoming Sci-fi Thriller E.T.X.R.


On March 31st, Fox Digital Studio will release the sci-fi thriller E.T.X.R. Set inside the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), E.T.X.R. tells the story of Bix the Bug (Caleb Hunt), an up-and-coming DJ who finds himself struggling to connect with his audience and make it to the next level until a former classmate, Curtis Garrett (Levi Fiehler), tracks him down with a proposition. Curtis has built a device that he thinks can communicate with extra-terrestrial beings and wants Bix’s help in understanding the sonic transmissions. Initially seeing it as merely a gimmick for his music, Bix soon becomes obsessed with the mystery surrounding the device as he uses it to create music that is literally out of this world.

E.T.X.R. is the latest made-for-digital feature length film from Fox Digital Studio and stars Jeremy Luke (“Don Jon,” “Mob City”), Caleb Hunt (“Days of Our Lives”), Lindsey Morgan (“The 100”), Levi Fehler (“Fetching”) and Xander Berkeley (“The Mentalist,” “Being Human,” “Nikita”). The film also features music composed by electronic music producer and DJ, Matt Lange.

E.T.X.R. premieres on Monday, March 31st and will be available on Netflix, Amazon, Xbox and iTunes.






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