Exclusive Interview: Playboy’s Pamela Horton Talks Gaming, Being Miss October And More

Pamela Horton is every gamer’s dream girl. That’s not all though, she is the Playboy Playmate of the Month for October 2012. The 24 year old aspires to become a video game character developer and possibly even getting into acting. Head inside to check out my latest “Versus” with Pamela. We talk about her love for video games, cosplaying and her experience with Playboy and being Miss October. Be sure you pick up this issue!

Alien Bee – Ok, first off tell me how you got so hardcore into video games!

Pamela Horton – I was actually a gamer before I was a model. My father put a SNES controller in my hand when I was five years old where I learned to play the first sequence in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. (Before I could tie my own shoes!)

Alien Bee – What games have you drawn in right now?

Pamela Horton – Right now I am actively playing World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. I waited in line for the midnight launch! I hate saying that that is “old school” because of those silly digital packs. That takes the fun out of meeting new people you have something in common with!

League of Legends is another game I am playing. I actually have the honor of attending their World Championship in LA on the 13th! Go Team CLG-Eu! On the PS3, I just finished FFXIII-2, and on the 360 I am playing Mark of the Ninja. 

Alien Bee – I know a lot of people who cosplay their favorite characters from their favorite games. Do you get into that kind of stuff?

Pamela Horton – A couple years ago I actually cosplayed Ayla from Chrono Trigger.  I don’t have as much time as I used to to work on costumes, but I love cosplaying!

Alien Bee – What’s your all time favorite video game?

Pamela Horton – Definitely a toss-up between Chrono Trigger and Earthbound. Chrono Trigger to this day has so much replay value and nostalgia for me that I can’t (and wont!) ever give it up. I actually played Earthbound (Mother 2) for the first time on my 9th birthday when it came out. Not to sound like a hipster but I enjoyed that “cult classic” before it became popular. Actually, Giygas holds the title for my all-time favorite battle simply because of the way (Nintendo, Ape, and HAL) incorporated the players name into the fight. I mean, Paula prays to you. YOU, the player! I remembered putting in my real name in Summers and completely forgetting about it and then BAM. You help beat Giygas. 😛

Alien Bee – What would be the best video game pick up line a guy could use on you?

Pamela Horton – It’s not necessarily a pick up line, but if a guy happened to notice my green Hylian crest T-shirt we’d have that in common and it would go from there!

Alien Bee – You’re Playboy’s Miss October! Congrats! That’s a pretty cool title you have going there this month! Tell me what all comes with the Miss October reign.

Pamela Horton – It all depends on the playmate as an individual. What are her aspirations? Mine happen to involve any aspect of gaming. I would love to be a character designer, but don’t have the necessary schooling for it. But being a frontwoman or even a secretary for Riot or Blizzard would be beyond bad ass.


Alien Bee – How was you discovered?

Pamela Horton – I was brought into modeling at 18 by a very good photographer who introduced me to the do’s and don’t’s of the industry. I’ve been nude modeling since then, so I’ve always been very comfortable with nude photography. 

How I was found by Playboy is a completely different story. One of their submitting photographers in Chicago saw me and wanted to submit me for Cyber Girl. He sent in my pictures and his editor said she wanted me to come in for a playmate test! That was the very beginning! 🙂

Alien Bee – How cool is Hugh Hefner!

Pamela Horton – Hef is by far the sweetest, most respectful man I have ever had the privilege to meet. Not only is he this amazing guy, but he is a gracious and accommodating host to all his guests. It is one of my sincerest pleasures to have met him and to have been hand-picked by him as one of his playmates. 

Alien Bee – Nerds or geeks?

Pamela Horton – I think everyone deserves love no matter what their fantasies or aspirations are!

Alien Bee – Since it’s close to Halloween. Can you name your top 5 favorite horror movies from 2012?

Pamela Horton – I’ve actually only seen three this year (if you can count some of them as horror.) Cabin in the Woods, Woman in Black and Dark Shadows. hahaha.

Alien Bee – Do you have a Facebook page, Twitter or website where everybody can find you onlne?

Pamela Horton – I have a Twitter (pamelahorton13) a facebook (facebook.com/pamelahorton13), and my website (www.misspamelahorton.com) will be up soon!


Alien Bee – Would you like to say hi to all the gamer dudes and dudettes checking this out?

Pamela Horton – Hi!! Also, if you are interested in playing with me (to check and see if I am the real deal or just to have some fun) add me on LoL! Miss October 2012 And be sure to check out my issue of Playboy! I’m featured on the cover and the centerfold! They also have an app on the iPad where you can view any previously published issue. Even the first one with Marilyn Monroe in December 1953! Check it out!


*All images property of their respectful photographers.

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