Exclusive Interview: Haunted Highway’s Dana Workman Talks Creepy Things, Jack Osborne And More

You can catch Dana Workman on Syfy’s popular new paranormal reality series, “Haunted Highway (Tuesdays 10/9c) as she and Jack Osborne investigate the unexplained.  The six episode series has featured examinations and investigations that took the team off the beaten path in Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Arkansas and Louisiana as they seek hellhounds, skin walkers, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena.

Check out my latest Versus with Dana Workman as she shares some of her adventures and unexplained experiences from the show plus lots more!

Alien Bee – First off, how cool is it to work on a show like Haunted Highway?

Dana Workman – Cool is absolutely an understatement. This experience is everything from amazing, to fascinating, to absolutely terrifying at times, and fulfills pretty much every emotion. I get to travel to places I would normally never have the opportunity to visit, and educate people about topics that are of huge interest to me.  I think that’s all anyone can ask for in a job they love!

Alien Bee – How’d you get a cool gig like this?

Dana Workman – I’ve been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I didn’t hesitate for a second and knew this opportunity would be a the perfect fit for me and Jack. I am so grateful the network saw the same thing, so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped!  


Alien Bee – What has been the creepiest thing y’all have come across so far?   

Dana Workman – Some of the eye witness accounts were creepy enough, but I think one particular instance that stands out in my mind is something Jack actually heard.  Jack doesn’t get spooked easily, so if his ears are perked up at all, that just sends me off the deep end because I know that must mean something is wrong. Jack kept hearing a weird “scraping noise” during filming. One night, we were standing on the top of a ridge overlooking a valley and Jack kept on investigating this noise. We never quite figured out what it was, but it was enough to scare me out of there as fast as my little legs could run!

Alien Bee – Were you into the paranormal and unexplained before the show?

Dana Workman –  Absolutely! I’ve always been interested in the paranormal ever since I was little.  I was a huge “X-Files” fan and I loved any movies surrounding the topic of aliens, or anything out of this world (or in this world? ;).  Any type of unexplained phenomenon absolutely fascinates me, but on the other end – it does so because there’s a huge element of fear of the unknown.

Alien Bee – How is it working with Jack Osborne?

Dana Workman –  Jack is probably the most down to earth person you’ll ever meet.  Definitely no diva attitude about him, (which I guess is fairly required for the type of show and work we’re doing ;). He’s also extremely smart and knowledgeable about almost anything and everything you can think of- so there was no shortage of entertainment or information to learn on my end!

Alien Bee – What else do you have going on?

Dana Workman –  I’m working on creating and producing my own show in the same SyFy genre, which I’m excited about and eager to see what happens!

Alien Bee – How’s your poker game?

Dana Workman –  Needs work! Plain and simple 😉

Alien Bee – Do you have a website, Facebook page or Twitter where everyone can keep up with you?

Dana Workman –  Twitter- @danaworkman  / Facebook facebook.com/DanaWorkmanOfficial

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out? 

Dana Workman – The support has been awesome, and I hope to keep creating, learning, and sharing new stories with all the fans, so thank you!








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