Exclusive Interview: Filmmaker Jason Trost Talks ‘THE FP’, ‘HATCHET 3’ And Lots More!

Filmmaker Jason Trost wears many hats; director, writer and actor.  Jason co-wrote and co-directed The FP with his brother Brandon plus Jason even stars in the insane flick that is like a mixture of Dance Dance Revolution and Grand Theft Auto with a hint of a Troma movie and it’ll release this Tuesday, June 19th and is definitely a can’t miss!

I talked to Jason about The FP plus some of his other projects including Hatchet 3, yes I am SO ready for  this movie! He also shares some news about his upcoming superhero movie  “Vs” and more! YES! The guy stays busy!  Check out my latest Versus with the very cool Jason Trost and be sure to check out The FP when it drops on DVD and Blu-ray.

Alien Bee – First off how did you and your brother come up with The FP?

Jason Trost – I came up with the idea back at the end of high school when I was super into Dance Dance Revolution and GTA San Andreas.  One sober bored day living in the mountains a light bulb went off in my head, let’s merge the two.  Then after that it’s been an 8 year odyssey of shorts and drafts of screenplays that leads us to “The FP”. 

Alien Bee – The movie reminds me of a Troma film or some of the 80’s “teen rebellion” flicks. Any influences there?

Jason Trost – It definitely has a Troma vibe, probably due to the micro budget, but our main inspirations were definitely the Rambo’s, Rocky’s and Karate Kid’s of the 80’s. 

Alien Bee – Did you and your brother Brandon ever disagree on anything creatively or have dance offs to settle up differences?

Jason Trost – No dances offs unfortunately. Mainly because Brandon has no idea how to play the game, but I’m sure if he did it would be on. We disagree all the time. If we agreed all the time what good would be to each other?

Alien Bee – You have an amazing cast that includes standouts Clifton Collins Jr. and genre favorite Nick Principe. Tell me a little about the casting process for The FP and how you got these guys on board.

Jason Trost – The casting process… Which friends of ours do we know who can act?  And that’s basically it. All the actors are friends of either Brandon or I’s that we have acquired over the years and we called in all our favors.  So, naturally… We lost a lot of friends on this movie.

Alien Bee –  The dialogue in the movie is a standout all by itself. How did y’all come up with some of these words, the slang and even some of the character’s names? Everything is just way out there!

Jason Trost – Well, it’s really not that complex when you think about it. Most of the character’s names just stem from the actors names… Jason Trost (JTRO) L Dubba E (Lee Valmassy) and well, KCDC was based on an old friend of mine named Kyle who liked ACDC a lot.  As for the dialogue in the movie it’s just a boiling pot of all the stupidest things I’ve heard kids my age say thrown in at once mixed with random objects around the living room while I was writing. 

Alien Bee – I want to say this to you Jason. The final scene in The FP is the best scene in movie history!

Jason Trost – Thanks! I love that one too.  Surprised it’s taken this long to happen.  It’s been rolling around in scripts and shorts of mine since I was 15 years old.  No movie seemed more appropriate to give that ending to than The FP. 

Alien Bee – Give me a Hatchet 3 update!

Jason Trost – Hatchet 3 is going great!  Just shot my last day and I had a total blast.  Probably my favorite acting experience to date.  It’s basically my audition tape to be a cop in The Walking Dead… It’ll probably be the best Hatchet… mainly because the movie has machine guns this time. 

Alien Bee – I know you’re working on a few things right now.  What other projects can you talk about?

Jason Trost – Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of things rolling around.  Probably too much.  I’ve got a super hero movie “VS” that I wrote and directed which I believe will be coming out later this year on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Finishing up a movie or webisode or… I’m not really sure what it is yet called “Wet and Reckless” that’s basically a fake reality TV show that mixes Jersey Shore with National Treasure.  Then of course Brandon and I have some projects gearing up for later this year to co-direct… One which may or may not be a sequel to “The FP” (Wink Wink Fingers Crossed).  


Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Jason Trost – Yeah. Please buy my movie so I don’t have to eat cat food off my sisters floor anymore! Thanks!













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