Exclusive Interview: Director Timo Vuorensola Talks Iron Sky: The Coming Race

It’s been over seven years but director Timo Vuorensola is finally back with Iron Sky: The Coming Race, the highly anticipated sequel to his 2012 global hit. The movie continues to follow the story of the Moon Nazis and expands on everything we know so far. Just like the first one, this sequel is big on its special effects as well as its over-the-top humor. Needless to say, it’s an impressive indie film that plays like the big budget studio movies and it’s entertaining to the max – just like the first one. Timo took some time and let me ask him some questions about his new sci-fi comedy that’s now available On Demand and Digital from Vertical Entertainment

Alien Bee – Hey Timo, it’s been seven years since Iron Sky was released. How come it took so long to get this sequel made?

Timo Vuorensola – Ahh, yeah. It did take a while, and it’s not like we were cruising around with our newly-acquired porsches we bought with the money we made with Iron Sky one, but because it really took a while to get the budget together. Now, we might’ve been better off if we had just repeated the first Iron Sky’s ambitions, but of course, we wanted to make part 2 bigger and more epic, so the budget also blew out of proportions.

Alien Bee – It’s rare we get a sequel to a hit in indie film but Iron Sky has one and it ended up being another fun sci-fi adventure with a big sense of humor. How hard was it to get this sequel made?

Timo Vuorensola – It all started actually ridiculously easy, the premise was already set and we found a great writer, Dalan Musson, to put it together in the script. We got everything together with relative easiness until the shoot, and even the shoot went – at least on general level – pretty well. The problems begun after the shoot, when we started to fit our smallish budget to our huge CGI workload. Getting that job done took a bit longer than expected, but the great thing was that everyone in every department was absolutely committeed to this project, so they made a great effort to keep us afloat even during the hard times. Most importantly, the fans were there, even more than with the first Iron Sky, supporting us through the whole project, which is quite incredible, and rare in film business, too. We were treated like a band that had made a great small release first album, not like a bunch of neverheard filmmakers, and that made a huge difference.

Alien Bee – Something else that’s always hit or miss in indie films are the special effects, visual and makeup, but Iron Sky 2 hits it out of the park and they all look amazing. As good as the big studio movies. Who all did the special effects for you? Visuals and makeup? 

Timo Vuorensola – There’s a great team behind the VFX, called Pixomondo, a German studio that also did films such as Hugo and Game of Thrones TV-show, so they got their shit together nicely, but it’s not just that, It’s also their willingness to understand that this is not the next Spielberg project, but a much smaller budget indie, and they were ready and creative to accommodate that.

Alien Bee – One of my favorite scenes was the “Last Supper” scene. Do you expect to get as much backlash as you did for some of the scenes in the first one? I’m sure there will be a few out there that get offended by something because there always are.

Timo Vuorensola – I’m going to be a bit sad if nobody gets offended. I personally think Osama and The Pope fighting each other on a chariot, shooting holy hand grenades with a slingshot made out of a crucifix is pretty nasty, too.

Alien Bee – Another fun scene is Hitler riding in on a T-Rex. I’ve teased a few friends about this and they don’t believe me. How’d you or the writers come up with this and were ya’ll trying to come up with the craziest thing you could think of?

Timo Vuorensola – I don’t exactly recall who came up with the idea, probably a combination of mindflow of 4Chan and some research into the insanity of conspiracy theories, but it was quite clearly there from the beginning, even before knowing how it would come to be. I had kind of placed that scene in the last third of the movie, and it was there from the first screenplay on. It was something I hadn’t seen before on a big screen and wanted to, and we thought: Iron Sky is probably one of the very, very few movie franchises out there which can pull this off with a straight face, so let’s go for it.

Alien Bee – What was your biggest obstacle in making Iron Sky: The Coming Race?

Timo Vuorensola – Funnily enough, it wasn’t the filmmaking itself, it was all the time absolutely fun and crazy and creative, and producers – especially main producer Tero Kaukomaa – were very supportive to my vision all the way through. The biggest challenge was to dig out the money, you know, go around the festivals and promote the upcoming movie, sit at meetings and just weave it together. My producer Tero was really going through a hard time each time one funding instrumet dropped out and a new one was needed, usually in a matter of a few days, and we’re not talking small sums of money. Again, fans were there , helping us out all the way, and without them, I’m sure none of this would’ve ever seen the light.

Alien Bee – What’s been the most rewarding thing about making these Iron Sky movies so far?

Timo Vuorensola – It’s really the creative freedom. I never feel like my most batshit insane ideas are thrown into garbage – challenged, for sure, but if I actually have a strong enough point, they’ll listen to me and I’m getting my will through. Of course, sometimes you get speedblind and it’s great that there are also people stopping you and asking: are you absolutely sure this serves the big picture. So yeah, some crazy shit never made it to the screen because it just would’ve been too much.

Alien Bee – Okay, I’m trying not to spoil things here but you have an after credits scene that teases what could come next. What can you tell me about this and how’d you come up with that idea?

Timo Vuorensola – Let’s say that the next bit of our journey will take us further down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, further in our solar system and it will be the finishing chapter of the Iron Sky Moon Nazi saga. Not the end of Iron Sky, mind you, but of this storyline.

Alien Bee – Are we going to get a third Iron Sky movie because I’m really wanting one!

Timo Vuorensola – The answer is: yes. Although, it seems the story of the last Iron Sky movie is stretching out to be a bit too much to fit in a movie, so we are currently putting one and one together to make it a mini series for streaming, which would allow us to explore the Iron Sky universe even deeper.

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Timo Vuorensola – Please check it out. I need a new car.

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