Exclusive Interview: Director Steven C. Miller Talks ‘THE AGGRESSION SCALE’, A Killer Santa And More

Director Steven C. Miller‘s home invasion thriller THE AGGRESSION SCALE releases today on Blu-ray and DVD (review HERE) and is one you definitely DO NOT want to miss!  Think Home Alone mixed with Rambo and MacGyver. 

It’s been a quite a few years since our first interview and Miller’s resume has pretty much quadrupled since then. His movie Scream of  the Banshee was part of After Dark Original’s lineup and aired on Syfy last year. He’s also working on a movie called Under the Bed that he shares a little about plus his remake of the 80’s slasher classic Silent Night, Deadly Night, simply titled SILENT NIGHT.  Being the genre fan boy that I am, I also asked him where he’s at with his sequel to Automation Transfusion that released way back in 2006. Has it been that long?

Check out my latest Versus as Steven C. Miller, one of my favorite directors today, shares more about The Aggression Scale, his Silent Night movie, his other projects and much more.  Keep an eye on this guy!


Alien Bee – First off tell me how you got involved with The Aggression Scale.

Steven C. Miller – The producer of Aggression Scale, Travis Stevens, runs in the same circles as I do. We had talked about finding a project together and luckily he thought of me for this one. Once I met with the writer, Ben Powell I knew this was a film I had to do. 

Alien Bee – I know what it’s all about but tell the readers a little about The Aggression Scale.

Steven C. Miller – It’s a teen action film in the vein of Home Alone meets Rambo. We wanted to take the average home invasion film and add a fun twist–Bad guys enter house only to find the kids might be more dangerous than they are. Who doesn’t like a violent kid?!?!

Alien Bee – Describe The Aggression Scale in one word!

Steven C. Miller – VISCERAL

Alien Bee – Ok, tell me about this little movie called “Silent Night” and what’s up with that?

Steven C. Miller – It’s a remake of the 1980’s classic Silent Night, Deadly Night. It’s a throwback to classic slashers. I wanted the film to be bloody, have a high body count, and be relentless. It’s Santa with an axe on Christmas Eve!! Gonna be deadly. =) 

Alien Bee – This Santa has a freaking flame thrower! What’s up with that?

Steven C. Miller – We all know santa with the axe, but what if santa had a much bigger toy in his bag? That’s where it came from. We wanted not only to remake the film, but give it our own flare. A flame thrower seems like the best way to torch some naughty teens. 

Alien Bee – What’s the difference between your movie and the original?

Steven C. Miller – Everything. hahaha. I felt like the original was a character study. This film is much more focused on santa as the killer and the town law that is trying to put the pieces together. 

Alien Bee – Tell me about Under the Bed.

Steven C. Miller – It’s my homage to old Amblin films like Goonies, E.T., and Poltergeist. A story centered around 2 brothers and their struggle to battle an entity under their bed. Its a film i think will hit the 80s kid in all of us! 

Alien Bee – Real quick and you knew this was coming. Give me an update on Automaton Transfusion 2.

Steven C. Miller – There is a kick ass script. I refuse to make the film without the proper budget. So it’s coming.. just slowly.



Alien Bee – Everybody I talk to really enjoys working with you. Describe yourself as a director-editor-writer.

Steven C. Miller – I feel I’m a very collaborative person. I simply want to make the best movie possible. I’m not always given alot of time or money, but I really do strive to make fun films. I would say I make movies I want to see and I’m a huge genre fan.

Alien Bee – You’re really making a name for yourself in Hollyweird, How are you liking the ride so far?

Steven C. Miller – HA! Well, I hope so but who knows in this place. I’m enjoying every second. Making movies is my life and has been since I was a kid. Count that! 

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Steven C. Miller – Thanks for supporting my films! You keep watching and I’ll keep making. <3 

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