Exclusive Interview: Director Ray Karwel Talks About His New Movie ‘TIME AGAIN’

Writer/director Ray Karwel‘s indie sci-fi action-thriller TIME AGAIN will release on DVD this Tuesday (August 21st) via Brain Damage Films.  The movie follows a young waitress who receives strange coins for a tip, she inadvertently becomes embroiled in an underworld battle with a notorious criminal that leads to her death. With the help of a mysterious old lady, her younger sister goes back in time to save her from being murdered.

What’s cool about Time Again is the fact that we don’t see too many sci-fi indie films, especially good ones and this is a good movie that shouldn’t be missed!  Check out my latest Versus with Ray Karwel as he shares his experience making this movie plus lots more.

Alien Bee – Tell me a little about Time Again and how you came up with the idea.

Ray Karwel – Time Again is an old school over the top tribute to 80’s action films.  It’s a story about two sisters that work at a diner and one of them is murdered and the other gets a chance to go back in time to save her.  I actually came up with the idea in a dream.  I woke up one day and I had this idea in my head about coins that gave you the ability to time travel.   I quickly wrote it down and then over the course of a year I developed multiple drafts until I was satisfied I had a shooting script. 

Alien Bee – The movie is shot really well and the sound is good and a lot of indie movies end up having problems with both. What did you shoot the movie with?

Ray Karwel –Thank you, we shot the movie with 2 cameras on HD CAM tape.   Two things contributed to the look and sound.  One, we always kept the camera moving and working with a great cast and crew allowed me to get multiple setups.  And two, the people at Alphadogs, the postproduction facility I used.  Their color correction and sound mix took the movie to the next level.

Alien Bee – The movie definitely has that Time Cop/Butterfly Effect feel to it. Were’ these some of your influences in making Time Again?

Ray Karwel -Definitely those two and more, like Back To The Future and Terminator.  Die Hard was another one because of everything taking place in one building.   I’ve always enjoyed action and sci-fi movies so it only seemed right that my first feature would have both.  My influences stem all the way back to when I was a kid.  My dad would take me to the movies every Saturday and we would see either a martial arts movie or a spy movie.   Another influence in making Time Again was the old Irwin Allen television show the Time Tunnel.  

Alien Bee – We don’t see too many sci-fi or fantasy movies in the indie business. Do you think that’s because of budget restraints or it’s just easier to crank out a horror movie?

Ray Karwel – I think it’s just what you are interested in doing.  I don’t think any movie is easy to crank out.  It always comes down to the same constraints, time and budget no matter what genre you are shooting.  

 Alien Bee – Do you have any more festival plans for Time Again or have you wrapped that up?

Ray Karwel -There are still a couple of submissions that we haven’t heard back from yet, but we are pretty much wrapped up with festivals.   We had a successful  festival run.  Time Again had it’s world premiere at the Action on Film International Film Festival in July 2011, where it was nominated for the Action Film of the Year Award, and won an Award of Merit at The Accolade Competition in December 2011.  It screened in 2012 at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival and New York City’s Winter Film Awards in February  and the Bare Bones International Film Festival in April, where it was again nominated for Best Action Film.   We also screened at the Phoenix Comicon in May and NewFilmmakers New York in July.

Alien Bee – What’s up next for you?

Ray Karwel – I am writing another action script that takes place in Cuba.  It’s about …. Wait, I can’t say just yet.

But I can tell you that I have several scripts in development and I am always working on perfecting my craft.

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Ray Karwel – Yes, I would like to thank my wife Carla for putting up with me through all this and to thank everyone for watching Time Again.  Stay tuned this is only the beginning!


*Set images courtesy of  jennywebber.com

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