Exclusive Interview: Director Joe Begos Talks The Mind’s Eye And Beyond

The supernatural horror-thriller THE MIND’S EYE is the fantastic follow up to director Joe Begos‘ 2013 sci-fi horror feature. This new film follows people that are born with incredible psychokinetic capabilities and the deranged doctor who wants to harvest their powers for his own sinister use. The movie is a terrifyingly fantastic watch that’ll remind movie buffs of classics like Scanners and The Fury. RLJ Entertainment will release The Mind’s Eye in select theaters, VOD and iTunes on August 5th and is definitely worth checking out. Joe was kind enough to let me ask him some questions about the film and his experience making it. Check it out below.

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Alien Bee – What inspired you to make a unique movie like The Mind’s Eye?

Joe Begos – I’m just so sick of how banal everything has become. It’s the same crap with a rich white family moving into some haunted house, or some variation. Everything needs to be single location. It’s mind boggling. When I was younger the genre had so many different kinds of films coming out, monster movies, alien movies, vampire movies, robot movies- all with decent budgets to boot. Movies like that are so rarely made anymore.

Alien Bee – The horror genre is oversaturated with zombies, vampires, werewolves and ghosts, to the point I’m pretty much burnt out with them all. It’s been so long since a fresh movie like this has surfaced. Is that what you set out to do?

Joe Begos – Yep. It interested me because it’s something that is done so rarely.

Alien Bee – It definitely has the whole Scanners vibe going for it and it’s even being called the best Scanners sequel we never got. Was Scanners an influence? Were there any other influences?

Joe Begos – I mean Scanners was definitely one of the flicks that I’ve always been a fan of and wish we had more of but there were a ton more, probably too many to list. If we are talking telekinesis movies, THE FURY is probably a bigger influence then SCANNERS, as is numerous Stephen King novels.

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Alien Bee – The movie itself is a violent and intense watch that never slows down. How was your experience filming a movie like this?

Joe Begos – Pretty much like you described – violent, intense, and never slows down. Ha.

Alien Bee – I’m a big fan of Larry Fessenden. How did he get involved with the movie?

Joe Begos – I’ve wanted to work with Larry for pretty much as long as I can remember. A buddy of mine – Mickey Keating had worked with him on a couple films so when it came time to finally make MIND’S EYE, I begged for him to connect us. He did, and luckily Larry responded to the script. He was originally supposed to play the Sheriff, but I bumped him up and I’m so glad I did. He’s so goddamned good as the dad.

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Alien Bee – There’s just so much good about The Mind’s Eye. From the amazing cast, to the cool special effects that includes the sound/noise effects that happens when there’s some freaky psychokinesis mind bending going on. How did y’all come up with that crazy sound? It fits perfectly!

Joe Begos – I knew that we needed a piercing sound, something that would put you into the shoes of the character who was going through this immense pain and struggle, and it needed to be a something that we could really toy with in escalation and style. We decided to reach out to Graham Redneck and he agreed to help us out with the telekinetic soundscapes. He built a different sound for each character and really brought it to life.

Alien Bee – You’ve tackled two different genres/sub genres so far with Almost Human and The Mind’s Eye. What kind of movie would you like to do next?

Joe Begos – Tons of stuff I’d love to try. Robots, Time Travel, Werewolves, Revenge, Monsters, Killer Animals. I want to do everything besides a ghost flick.

Alien Bee – What kind of advice can you pass along to aspiring filmmakers?

Joe Begos – Keep creating. It’s never been cheaper.


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