Exclusive Interview: Director Frank Sabatella Talks New Horror Movie THE SHED

RLJE Films is getting ready to release THE SHED, a really fun throwback that pays homage to those awesome horror movies from the 80’s aka the greatest decade ever. The story centers around Stan and his best friend Dommer who’ve put up with bullies their entire lives. All of that changes when Stan discovers he has a murderous vampire living in his shed. Seeing the bloodshed and destruction the monster is capable of, Stan knows he has to find a way to destroy it – but Dommer has a much more sinister plan in mind. Writer and Director Frank Sabatella has a hit on his hands and he took a break to let me ask him some questions about THE SHED that arrives in select theaters, Digtial and On Demand on Friday, November 15th. Go ahead and put this one on your watch list!

Alien Bee – First off, how’d you get into making movies?

Frank Sabatella – I started writing scary stories as a child and like many other directors I took it upon myself to use my dad’s VHS cam to make backyard movies with my brother and friends when we were kids and young teens. As i grew older I began to pursue photography as a career in high school and beyond. The natural progression from photography, which is another form of visual story telling lead me to film school. After school I continued to work hard at making movies my career.

Alien Bee – Tell me a little about The Shed.

Frank Sabatella – The Shed is a horror movie not just about a monster trapped in a shed but about the monster that may be lurking inside all of us. It tells the story of Stan, a troubled teen who has only one real friend, Dommer. Another troubled teen with a problem of being bullied day in and day out. When they discover there is a monster in the shed, their views on how to handle it begin to create a conflict between the two best friends as one of them has much more sinister intentions of what to do about this dark secret.

Alien Bee – The movie pays homage to 80’s horror movies and looks like it was influenced by fan favorites like Fright Night and Salem’s Lot. Am I close with this?

Frank Sabatella – For sure. The Shed draws some influence from Fright Night and elements of Stephen Kings writing, certainly Salems Lot. Additionally there is influence from the film River’s Edge in the way the characters are so disaffected by bizarre and tragic events.

Alien Bee – The Shed is also a very atmospheric watch at times. There’s some great cinematography that compliments your directing!

Frank Sabatella – Thank you! Matthias Schubert is an incredible director of photography and from my first meeting with him I knew we were on the same page and he would deliver the perfect atmosphere and look for The Shed. We worked very hard on achieving a specific look and flow to the shots while enabling us to move very quickly through a tight and challenging production schedule.

Alien Bee – There’s also some gnarly practical effects that includes everything from prosthetics to gallons of blood. Who did all of your special effects?

Frank Sabatella – Our effects were designed by Jeremy Selenfriend of Monster in my Closet. We had a good time throwing around the red stuff.

Alien Bee – What was your biggest obstacle in making The Shed?

Frank Sabatella – I think the biggest obstacle was getting a lot of ambitious shooting done in a very small window of time. We had 17 days to shoot the film which is not a lot of time considering all of our practical effects, stunt work, and the amount of coverage we got. Our entire team was against the clock every day.

Alien Bee – What has been your most rewarding experience?

Frank Sabatella – I would have to say the most rewarding experience so far has been premiering the film at the Sitges film festival. It is an incredible festival in a beautiful town in Barcelona and the audience there was out of this world! They were so enthusiastic and excited at the premiere. I loved it!

Alien Bee – What’s up next for you?

Frank Sabatella – Getting back to writing and hopefully moving quickly into another production next year. I am in the early stage of fleshing out a new story about two girls dabbling in the occult. As you may have guessed the results will be horrifying.

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