Exclusive Interview: Director Dave Campfield Talks ‘CAESAR & OTTO’S DEADLY XMAS

I met filmmaker Dave Campfield this summer at Fright Night Film Fest where CAESAR & OTTO’S DEADLY XMAS was screening and you will be able to catch it at Horror Hound Weekend in September. The horror-comedy follows two brothers that remind me of characters like Abbott and Costello  or possibly Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber, but with a little bit of a  horror element thrown in. We watch these two go on some of the craziest adventures with the latest being an unfortunate run in with a psychopathic Santa.

Check out my latest Versus with the super cool Dave Campfield to find out more about this newest adventure for Caesar & Otto plus other upcoming projects he has in store for us!

Alien Bee – Ok, first off tell me how you came up with the characters Caeser and Otto.

Dave Campfield – I was friends with Paul Chomicki back in High School. He only looks so much older because he was left back ten times. We both had a love of film and acting, and often got together to shoot comedy sketches on a camcorder. One day, a thought stuck me like a bold of lighting. Caesar & Otto… I would play a flamboyant William Shatner/Daffy Duck hybrid, and Paul would play my slovenly, hopeless romantic half brother. The characters did evolve over time, but that was the genesis.  We did a bunch of sketches with the characters, so when Camp Motion Pictures ask if I had any low budget comedy horrors in mind, the idea came to me to make an Abbott and Costello style comedy horror cross over set in the modern day.

Alien Bee – These two characters remind me of The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello or maybe the Dumb and Dumber characters. Were you influenced by any of these?

Dave Campfield – The influences were all of the above, AND a little bit of the Odd Couple thrown in for good measure. I was a big fan of all of the mentioned comedies, and went about creating my own crazy hybrid. 

Alien Bee – You get some pretty big names from the indie horror world to appear in your movies. That’s pretty impressive

Dave Campfield – Sexual favors go a long way my friend.

Alien Bee – You direct and star in these so how hard is it pulling this off? Is it hard to direct yourself? Do you ever disagree with you?

Dave Campfield – Caesar’s a difficult character to pull off and sometimes I get frustrated with myself. There’s a fine line between funny and over the top annoying. I’m constantly teetering along it, sometimes tipping over into Jerry Lewis-ville.

Alien Bee – Now, Summer Camp Massacre is available so tell everyone where they can find this one.

Dave Campfield – It’s available from most online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, and Amazon Instant video for download, amongst others… You can also pick it up from shady men wearing trench coats on street corners.


Alien Bee – Let’s get to Deadly Christmas. Tell me a little about this one (for the readers)

Dave Campfield – Just as Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre was a Sleepaway Camp spoof featuring Felissa Rose lampooning her Angela character, Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas spoofs Silent Night Deadly Night. This time, Linnea Quigley parodies her role in the original.  In a nutshell, imagine part DUMB & DUMBER, and part Silent Night Deadly Night.

Alien Bee – This just screened at Fright Night Film Fest. Do you have more fest plans for this one?

Dave Campfield – Hell yahs. Trying to find horror festivals open to comedy, and we’ll take it from there.

Alien Bee – Any distro deal yet?

Dave Campfield – A certain company has the right of first look, but nothing beyond that at the moment.

Alien Bee – You have several full length features and shorts for Caeser and Otto. How far are you going to take these two characters?

Dave Campfield – It boils down to audience reaction. If there’s a fanbase for these guys, I’ll commit to it until the bitter end. Plans are already in order for the next feature, which will lampoon the Paranormal Activity movies and beyond.

Alien Bee – Tell me about The Perfect Candidate.

Dave Campfield – It’s a short film about Joe Estevez running for president, and a spin off from the Caesar & Otto series. It’ll be out in time for the 2012 election. This year, vote Estevez/Z’dar! The idea was hatched by my producing and writing partner, Joe Randazzo. I don’t know what he was smoking at the time.

Alien Bee – Anything else you want to share? Favorite color? Shoe size?

Dave Campfield – I’m scheduled to shoot a straight horror film later this year named FEAR THE REAPER. Based on the screenplay I wrote that received top honors at the DARK CARNIVAL FILM FEST and a finalist position at Slamdance. In other words, I don’t just do insanely stupid comedy.

Alien Bee – Do you have a Twitter or website where people can stalk you online?

Dave Campfield – I am on facebook under Dave Campfield, and catch Caesar and Otto on twitter @caesarotto and Facebook

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Dave Campfield – Despite all its stupidity and zany slapstick, the Caesar & Otto series actually has a lot more depth than it might appear. You won’t have to turn your brain COMPLETELY off. Just half. www.caesarandotto.com

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