Exclusive Interview: Director Blair Richardson Talks New Project ‘KITTY, KITTY’

Having a love for art and film since childhood, Blair Richardson has been doing production work since the age of thirteen, becoming serious in high school while attending Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, FL. During that time she also became a part of non-profit, youth based, environmental production company called Team Gaia. Blair, along with other teen activists, then created a documentary on climate change that would later go on to be nominated for an Emmy award in 2007. Since then Blair has been apart of many productions and films, including a feature that was later distributed by Warner Bros. Now she has the ultimate goal of being a feature horror writer and film director, working on her own short film stories using all practical special effects.

Check out my latest Versus with filmmaker Blair Richardson and read on below to find out how you can help her with her next project KITTY, KITTY.  You can also watch her horror short “First Date” at the bottom of the page to see what kind of cool work she does!

Alien Bee – Ok, you’re only 21 and you’re cranking out some cool stuff! Tell me how you got into filmmaking.

Blair Richardson – My passion has always been in horror film, but I have actually been making “movies” since I could push the record button on a camera. As I got older I studied acting for five years at arts schools in Florida, but eventually I would revert back to being behind  the camera and gain a surge passion for directing. Throughout my teens and early 20’s, I would be on many different sets, even directing a few music videos and shorts. It wasn’t until this year though, that I finally decided to stop being dissatisfied with what I was doing and begin working on my first horror short. 

Alien Bee – I take it you’re a horror fan. Who are your influences and inspirations for getting into this?

Blair Richardson – I really can’t tell you how I first became a fan of the genre. I’m an only child and have a very small family, and no one around me growing up liked scary movies. It was more like I woke one day and wanted to see every horror movie I could get my hands on. As I got older and I started learning about the different decades, styles, and countries horror films encompassed, I fell in love with everything that had to do with scary shit! I think 70’s Italian horror is my favorite. I love Argento! It’s so hard to answer this question because there’s so many good fright flicks out there. I think I try to combine several different styles to see if I can come up with something new in my films. 


Alien Bee – You’ve already released your new short First Date and now your’e getting ready for your next called Kitty Kitty. Tell me about this one.

Blair Richardson – First Date was somewhat cheeky and funny in some ways. For my next project, I knew I wanted to make something that was genuinely scary. So, I wrote a story that was in the vein of “Tales from the Dark Side”: something short, sweet, and that had lots of blood. I also knew that I wanted to create a full creature suit for an actress and do all practical effects. I just feel like that gift of giving an actor/actress the ability to literally become another thing is lost now a days with CGI. I think it’s so perfect when a SPFX team and a director can pull off a creature suit realistically. I think “Kitty, Kitty” will be a homage to the true genre fans.  

Alien Bee – Tell everybody out there how they can help you get Kitty Kitty made.

Blair Richardson -We are doing an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to help build our creature and all our effects. Last night we met our goal of $2,300 with 7 days to spare. With the remaining days we are still taking donations and all further contributions will help this film see the world and go to film festivals.  www.indiegogo.com/kitty-kitty


Alien Bee – You do some pretty cool work!  Any plans on a feature film anytime soon?

Blair Richardson – Thank you! Of course the ultimate goal is to make a horror feature. I love making shorts, and I feel like it’s great practice as a director to do a few of those and then move on to bigger things. I’m still trying to figure out my style and develop/evolve as a filmmaker. Until then keep looking out for my shorts and other work on twitter.com/director_blairorfacebook.com/blair.moonchild.  


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  1. Gidget Guice says:

    Just watched your First Date and it is awesome! Very proud of you!!

  2. Brawlocaust says:

    “First Date” is awesome, and “Kitty, Kitty” looks like it will rule! Finally practical effects!

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