Exclusive Interview: Director Anthony Winson Talks THE BAYLOCK RESIDENCE

Writer-Director Anthony M. Winson’s classy creepfest The Baylock Residence is out now from Wild Eye Releasing. The Conjuring meets Downton Abbey in a goosebump-inducing haunted house flick available now on digital and disc.

After the death of her sister, Patricia inherits her family’s estate and soon discovers that something or someone has been haunting the home for decades and harbors a disturbing family secret that she must uncover. Kelly Goudie, Sarah Wynne Kordas and Lindsay Foster help make up the cast. We spoke to Winson about his film, which has been described as a spooky take on Downton Abbey.

Alien Bee – Anthony how did you get into filmmaking?

Anthony Winson – When I was a child I used to watch a lot movies with my eldest brother then I used to write my own little scary stories. When I was a teenager I decided to attempt to make a very very short film with a friend from school. No script just improv. It’s awful but it was that tiny step that lead to my passion of film making.

Alien Bee – And was it a given that you’d go into doing horror?

Anthony Winson – Pretty much yes. You could ask anyone who knows me and they’d tell you If I made something other than horror/thriller they’d be shocked!

Alien Bee – Where does The Baylock Residence fall – it is a straight-up horror or something more of a psychological thriller?

Anthony Winson – It’s a drama/thriller/mystery with Horror elements.

Alien Bee – How would you describe the tone?

Anthony Winson – Cold/sadness. That was the overal feel I was going for when making Baylock.

Alien Bee – What kind of direction did you give Kelly Goudie, who I think has quite a challenging part here.

Anthony Winson – I think the notes I gave Kelly were that Patricia is strong willed, even after all she goes through in the house she doesn’t want to just run away and hide she wants to find out what is happening, what happened to her sister.

Alien Bee – Had you worked with Kelly and the other cast before?

Anthony Winson – In the movie the only people I had worked with before were Kelly Gouide Lindsay Foster and Fiona Shore, Fiona Shore played Annabel in the original film.

Alien Bee – How much time did they get, to spend with each other, before the shoot to get the chemistry down pat?

Anthony Winson – All of the cast are very very busy people. So there wasn’t much time for them to spend with each other. I think there was a couple of times they got together for script readings. But they all live busy lives with their own day jobs.

Alien Bee – I have to ask about your influences here – – – can you talk about some of the films or filmmakers that may have inspired the screenplay?

Anthony Winson – There really is so many directors/writers I love like John Carpenter, Wes Craven. Films that inspired by work The Fog, The Changeling, The Haunted (TV MOVIE), The Haunting, The Innocents.

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