Exclusive Interview: Actress Noel Thurman Talks OZ, THE GOOD DOCTOR And LIGHTSABERS

Actress Noel Thurman can be seen in The Witches of Oz, a sequel to the classic The Wizard of Oz and we can also be on the lookout for her, costarring alongside Orlando Bloom in the thriller The Good Doctor and Crimson Saints in 2013. Noel has lots of other projects going on and she gives us the lowdown on each of them. 

Noel also shares some of her favorite movie picks, what she does in her spare time and we even talk about battling lightsabers with each other which now makes her one of my favorite people and my latest crush, hey I’m a geek!  She’s also a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do so I’m pretty sure she could do any of us in, in no time flat but this one here will go down smiling!  Check out my latest Versus with the strikingly beautiful Noel Thurman.

Alien Bee – Ok, first off tell me a little about The Witches of Oz and your character Glenda.

Noel Thurman – Ah,…the ever famous Glinda the good Witch… She is such and iconic character that, you can not recreate Billy Burkes brilliant performance (as she is the Original) So first things first, I will be ever grateful to Leigh Scott and Eliza Swenson for fighting to get me that role, so, I now have to give them my first born child..hahaha!

Initially, when Eliza called to offer it to me, she discussed what they wanted, Valkeryesque type warrior, very Nordic, after she is the mother of Oz, so she will protect Oz, with all her heart and soul. So I hope that is what I conveyed as people watch.. With that being said, I am not the saccharine sweet Glinda, with a high pitched voice, as most actresses that, have played the role before me, have seen, as in The 1939 version and Wicked. I am more of a powerful bad ass, with a raspy voice. I kind of feel like I am the Jack Bauer of Oz!


Alien Bee – Now, help me with the confusion some of the fans have had about the movie. There’s “The Witches of Oz” and also “Dorothy and the Witches of Oz”

Noel Thurman – Wait there are two? I kid! Yes, there are two versions, The Witches of Oz, was a mini series released last year overseas, and just recently here in the US, on DVD. Dorothy and The Witches of Oz, is the theatrical release, still being released in the US as I type. With added scenes, also they, fixed a lot of the special effects and added more, by our amazing small team at Imaginarium (by the way we have 1400 special FX, that’s more than Jurassic Park). We changed the name and released it with NO distribution, NO studio ties, and changed the world. That’s what we did.  Myself, along with Eliza Swenson, Barry Rattcliffe, Nick Everhart, and director Leigh Scott did more than our fair share of work.  We not only played lead actors, but also produced, did audio, visual effects, composed the score, etc. and delivered this to Major Theater chains!!! That is the short version of the confusion.


Alien Bee – How cool is it to be in a movie that is based off of the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz?

Noel Thurman – It is so cool, it’s Ice Cold.  It was amazing, The Wizard of Oz, is the most classic film of all time, every race, religion, gender age, etc. has seen this movie, been affected by it, and loved it. I don’t think I could have ever predicted I would be in movie based on the beloved Oz, its something you just can’t fathom….No but seriously, working with Doc Brown, really?? He is just a gift to the world of film and TV that’s how talented he is!

Alien Bee – I know there’s a sequel of sorts in the works. What can you tell me? If anything? Will you be in it?

Noel Thurman – Now if I tell you, I might have to kill you, or torture you, but you might like that, so….What I can say, is we have a facebook page, Dorothy and Lost Girls, where we have clues and preproduction art already up, that will give you even more clues, as to where we are going on the sequel…So that is all I am going to say…… 

Alien Bee – What other projects do you have in the works?

Noel Thurman – Right now, I am working on this awesome interview for this cool dude, Brian Shirley, you might know him….  So, lets see, The Good Doctor, with Orlando Bloom and Michael Pena, comes out this summer. I also did Agua Caliente, with Jason Mewes, Josh Hammond, Jessica Sonneborn and Billy McAdams, that is hysterical and due out very soon.  American Girls, horror film, I just did with Bai Ling, that is in the editing room right now, where I actually am pretty much a horrible person.  I also have Crimson Saints with Tony Todd, Chanel Ryan, I think Clint Howard is in talks, and, that cool dude again Brian Shirley, man he is everywhere. Of course pre-production for Dorothy and The Lost Girls….eek did I give something away, hmmm….. You can also see me in quite a few commercials, one I have running is, the Panasonic Toughpad commercial, with Olympic soccer star, Abby Wambach that will be running now, until the Olympic games end.


Alien Bee – What’s your favorite movie in the whole wide world?  

Noel Thurman – I just had this conversation the other night, lol. That is such a tough question, because I love movies and everything about movies. The harder to figure out, the better… for instance, Kubrick Rocked, ‘A Clockwork Orange’ really affected me.  I also love quite a few Nolan films.  ‘Memento’, is an awesome film, then again, I have to say, I really love watching gangster movies, so,’Good Fellas’, ‘Scarface’, and ‘Blow’ pretty much ruled!  Then there’s ‘Tombstone’, which I can quote verbatim. Then there’s my fantasy side, like, ‘Dark Chrystal’, and I love me some ‘Edward Scissorhands’ ! You see, I can go crazy on this subject.  But all in all, I love The Wizard of Oz more than any other movie, ever!

Alien Bee – What do you do in your spare time?

Noel Thurman – I paint, write, create, constantly. I try to be inspired by music, so I listen to a lot of music while I create.  I rarely watch TV….so, my spare time is always doing something creative, I guess you can say I love art in all forms.

Alien Bee – If you and I got into a lightsaber battle who would win?

Noel Thurman – Oh Brian dear sweet Brian, have you not seen me with weapons yet, or how much butt, I kicked in Dorothy and The Witches of Oz???… If I am not twirling a gun, like I did in ‘The Beast of Bray Road’, I’m flying in the air, or zapping the wicked.  So, you tell me, I think I got you covered on this one…

Alien Bee – Share a deep dark secret with me?

Noel Thurman – Well if I told you, then it wouldn’t be a secret…hmm.  What can I reveal?  Better yet, lets start a rumor, that Eliza Swenson and I have a secret love child…yeah, that’s a great one!                        

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everybody checking this out?

Noel Thurman – I will leave you with love, and kisses from Oz, Thank you to all the fans that have always supported my work.  Most of my work can be found at any Walmart, Target, Best Buy, also Netflix, OnDemand, & Pay-Per-View sites. Feel free to check my website at www.noelthurman.com , www.facebook.com/noelthurman, or my imdb page www.imdb.com/name/nm0993700/ .  I try to update them as much as I can.. Oh, and looking forward to working with you. Thanks for having me.

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