Exclusive Interview: Actress Mindy Robinson Talks Horror, Comedy And Killer Hamsters


Mindy Robinson is taking the world by storm! The actress,model,comedian, reality star can be seen in a number of new movies including the recently released comedy Casting Couch, the horror film The Haunting of Whaley House and she has lots more on the way. Mindy has also appeared in some popular music videos (she party rocks) and she’ can be seen on the hit TBS reality series King of the Nerds as Pom Pom Kitty (that’s just fun to say!)

Strong willed, smart, sexy and driven with an amazingly infectious smile, Mindy is one of our new favorites and a girl that you definitely want to keep your eyes on!

Head inside to check out our latest “Versus” with Mindy Robinson who shares lots about her upcoming projects, her pet peeves and something about a killer hamster? Yep, you read that correctly kiddos!

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Alien Bee – First off, your a model, actress and comedian. Which one came first?

Mindy Robinson – Being a comedian is not so much a job as it is a personality disorder, so the comedy and acting has been a lifelong thing…the modeling I never saw coming because I was so awkward, buck toothed and picked on as a kid. Screw those people now, huh?

Alien Bee – Tell me a joke!

Mindy Robinson – Me trying to date in LA!!! No wait….that’s more sad than kind of a joke.

Alien Bee – Getting to your comedy. Tell me about your standup experiences so far.

Mindy Robinson – I’m not a fan of performing stand up, it’s pretty joyless, but what I love to do is write and perform sketch comedy…it’s an art that can be shared in front of the world on youtube instead of some couple on a miserable date over a two drink minimum club rat hole.

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Alien Bee – OK, tell me about some of your new movie projects.

Mindy Robinson – Casting Couch just came out to Blockbuster, Amazon, and itunes, VHS-2 will be coming to theaters soon after showing at some festivals, The Haunting of Whaley House is in Netflix instant now, A Blood Story and Seven Faces of Jack will be coming out this fall…and if you want to see me holding a 13 foot python check me out at the end of Pain and Gain in theaters now!

Alien Bee – What do you like better, horror or comedy movies?

Mindy Robinson – Comedic horrors!!!! I’m producing one now I wrote called Attack of the Killer Hamster!!!! Guess what it’s about?

Alien Bee – What would be your dream gig?

Mindy Robinson – I would love to do a cameo on The Big Bang Theory!!! Either as myself or my King of the Nerds character, Pom Pom Kitty!!!! I should also have my own dating show by now, lol. It could be called “Mindy Wants a Nerd!”


Alien Bee – You smile a lot! Is that a happy smile, mischievous smile or a combination of both?

Mindy Robinson – I would probably worry about those few times I don’t smile….

Alien Bee – Biggest pet peeve?

Mindy Robinson – Hollywood douchbaggery, it’s funny…until you realize that they’re not kidding, it’s not a joke, they just really think that they’re that important….

Alien Bee – Geeks or nerds?

Mindy Robinson – I guess I’m a nerd because I’m smart but not completely socially impaired…I don’t discriminate though.

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Mindy Robinson – King of the Nerds is coming back for season 2!!!! Request more cameos from Pom Pom Kitty!!! I’ve also been invited back with Sinn Bodhi to try to break the record again on Guinness World Records Gone Wild, and we just finished up a pilot for Corey Feldman’s new show for Bite Size TV….I’ve got a lot of stuff coming out, and it’s all thanks to the support of the best fans on social media!!!

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Check out Mindy on Facebook www.facebook.com/iheartmindypage

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Full credits and resume on www.imdb.me/mindyrobinson

Bookings and appearances iheartmindy@yahoo.com

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