Exclusive Interview: Actress Katherine LaNasa Talks ‘THE CAMPAIGN’ And Lots More

Actress Katherine LaNasa can currently be seen starring as the wildly hilarious Rose Brady, wife to North Carolina’s #1 politician Cam Brady in the laugh out loud and obnoxious political comedy THE CAMPAIGN starring opposite Will Ferrell and Zach Galifanakis. 

The actress is definitely keeping busy! You can also catch Katherine in the upcoming thriller THE FROZEN Ground co-starring Nicolas Cage and John Cusack plus you can also catch her in Bill Bob Thornton’s  JAYNE MANSFIELD’S CAR, starring with Kevin Bacon, Robert Duvall and John Hurt, both films releasing later this year.  That’s not all, she can also be seen in NBC’s upcoming drama INFAMOUS, set to air in early 2013. Check out my latest Versus with the super cool Katherine LaNasa as she shares lots about all of her projects and be sure to go see The Campaign, it’s in theaters now!

Alien Bee- Tell me a little about your character in The Campaign.

Katherine LaNasa –  Rose is a bossy, ballsy, ambitious hick in a dress. She is a fun and awful human being! I loved playing Rose Brady. She’s completely over the top. She controls Cam with sex, she likes to brag about that a lot. She’s definitely the bad guy.

Alien Bee – In your own words tell me how funny this movie is!

Katherine LaNasa –  The script was so damn funny, I laughed out loud reading it. I would be like crying on set and everyone is looking at me like, “Can this b**** just keep it together? I’d like to go home before dinner.”

Alien Bee – Ok, I know you have to have some funny stories considering who your co-stars are. Anything you want to share?

Katherine LaNasa –  It was a terrific fun place to be creative. Will is so funny and you never know what he is going to do. My main concern was that I would be terrible in the film because my primary focus was just NOT LAUGHING during the takes. Good times.

Alien Bee – I’ve already talked to a few of your co-stars in the upcoming thriller The Frozen Ground and it looks like it’s going to be really good. Tell me about your character and how it was working with Nicolas Cage and John Cusack.

Katherine LaNasa –  The role in The Frozen Ground is a quiet, pious, good isolated wife.  That poor woman. But I loved working with John Cusack.  He’s transporting.  I just gave myself over to him.  The scene would be over and I really wouldn’t have known what happened.  He would just pick us both up and take us on a little trip.  He elevates everything and he’s so alive.

Alien Bee – You also worked with Billy Bob Thornton in Jayne Mansfield’s Car. Tell me a little about this and your character.

Katherine LaNasa –  I play the daughter of a rancher, played by Robert Duvall, and my siblings are Billy Bob Thornton, Kevin Bacon, and Robert Patrick.  I play a former Miss Alabama in 1969, and it was really fun to get to play.  My dancing was able to come in – to pay a beauty queen you need a certain amount of carriage – and I’m from the South so I felt at home in that role.  I feel so lucky to have got this too.  I was auditioning for a much smaller role, so small I had to read a lead one, and Billy gave it to me!

Alien Bee – You’ll also be appearing in NBC’s “Infamous” in 2013. What can we expect from this?

Katherine LaNasa –  It’s sort of this dark, brooking, family drama, murder/mystery.

Alien Bee – You keep pretty busy. Do you have any hobbies or just work all the time?

Katherine LaNasa – I’m really outdoorsy and surprisingly domestic. I used to have an interior design business Casa LaNasa. I’m learning to golf with my fiance Grant Show. I’m just old enough to have the patience for it. I’m a scrabble savant and I love bike riding in Venice Beach where I live.

Alien Bee – Do you have a website, Facebook or Twitter where everybody can keep up with you?

Katherine LaNasa –  Sure, my twitter handle is @LadyLaNasa.

Alien Bee – Would you like to say anything to everyone checking this out?

Katherine LaNasa –  The great thing is, if you have half a brain, you will really enjoy it.. Zach’s character is something I’ve never seen him do in a movie before. It’s just packed with wonderful performances. Dylan McDermott is this perfect straight man, I love his performance so much. I mean, granted, the whole movie basically rides on my portrayal of Rose, but these other guys are worth looking at. You should probably see it twice, just to pick up on some of the nuances.

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